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Channel V - The Buddy Project Season 1, 2, 3 - Now in College

Royal Academy, a once prestigious school is looking to regain its lost glory. The students are bright but reckless without a force to guide them. Principal Ramanujam has seen its ups and downs and decides on a plan to bring back the best of the old alumni to guide the new. Sounds like a good plan, yeah? Watch the show to find out!

Fahad Ali Fahad Ali
The Bad Boy. He has own set of morals and his own way of going about getting what he wants. Is he all bad? Ofcourse not! Will his journey lead him to redemption or to the dark side?
Bharti Kumar Bharti Kumar
The Diva. She hates living in the shadow of her famous elder sister. To seek everybody''s attention, she has become something of a tantrum queen. But will the real Kiya please stand up?
Sonal Vengurlekar Sonal Vengurlekar
Small-town girl with big dreams. This is how our bold and courageous Rukmini channelizes her thinking! This new Buddy is quite an interesting character that will gradually unfold in the later episodes of the show. Unlike her friends from her small town, Rukmini decides to fulfill her whims and fantasies! But will these dreams get fulfilled when she enters college? Proving the stereotype about small towns girls incorrect, she wants to make it BIG in Mumbai and certainly wants to leave an eternal mark!! She seems full of zeal and vigor and will aggressively stand against anything that obstructs her from accomplishing her dreams! Well, V all know that to tackle college life in Mumbai is certainly not a cake walk, especially for a girl from a small town. So will Rukmini be able to manage this peer-pressure? Will Kiya and Panchi accept her as a part of their Buddy gang or will she be isolated?
Kunal Kulbhushan Jaisingh Kunal Kulbhushan Jaisingh
The ladies love him. And why wouldn''t they. He''s the musician with his charming ways around the school. He does not like to get involved or commit to anything meaningful leading to him leave behind a lot of broken hearts.
Palak Jain Palak Jain
Sweet, bubbly and full of life. She is comfortable with being plump & likes to eat. Panchi is everybody''s best friend and quick to smile and laugh. But is she hiding how she really feels?
Manish Nawani Manish Nawani
Role:Avijeet Chandan Roy [Avi]
Poor Rich Guy. Don't judge a book by its cover! Isn't it a common saying that V often hear! Well, it is definitely apt when it comes to our The Super Cool Buddy in College Avi -The Leader of the Dhakkan Gang! Avi has a brewing enmity with Omi from Chillar Party, another gang of Imperial College of Communication. The reason behind their enmity shall gradually unfold in the episodes later on in the show. Avi has signed up Ranveer as part of the Dhakkan Gang. Given Ranveer's Richie Rich background Avi is definitely going to give him a run for his money. Avi hates living in the shadow of his rich and famous father and wants to create an identity of his own. Will his college help him create his own identity and will he find true buddies who understand the REAL him? KD seems to have already messed up with Avi on the first day of college, now all V have to do is wait and watch to know if our angry young man KD gets along with super cool Avi or whether KD decides to form another group against him?
Samridh Bawa Samridh Bawa
The Best Friend and The Worst Enemy. Omi Bhai: You are The Messiah of the underdog! Huh? *confused**Matlab?* What V mean is a messenger sent by god to help the poor and distressed! This is how V define Omi- the Buddy who fails when it comes to English language but certainly tops when it comes to leading the Chillar Gang: A group representing the weak and less privileged students of Imperial College. But will Omi manage to strike a balance between his this "social work" and his academics in Imperial College? Omi loves competing with Avi-the leader of the Dhakkan gang! They are renowned across Imperial College for the imbalance in their equation. Well, Omi and his mind set are completely different from the way Avi thinks and that is probably the reason for their conflict. But will the forthcoming college life help them resolve their differences? Or will things become worse post Ranveer and KD joining their respective gangs? Avi seems to be quite impressed with KD's outrageous attitude and his resistance to bow down before the rich�probably that's where their thinking matches! All V have to do is see if Omi and KD manage to teach Avi and his Dhakkans a lesson or will their bond fizzle out?
Manav Gohil Manav Gohil
Anirudh, also known as "Junglee Jaitley" has a legendary reputation. As an ex-student that makes him the idol of many students. The stories of his famous pranks are still told to this day. Does the legend match the man? Time will tell.
Chestha Bhagat Chestha Bhagat
Tomboy, short-tempered and quite a fighter. She wants to be in the football team and whack the boys. She plays way rough than any of the boys. She dances like a boy. Jaitley helps her find her feminine side.
Nikhil Mehta Nikhil Mehta
The Wacko! He''s always out there trying to top off his last big adventure or to match the legendary pranks of his hero, Junglee Jaitley.
Gargi Patel Gargi Patel
Role:Principle's Wife
Shishir Sharma Shishir Sharma
Raja Sevak Raja Sevak
Role:Vice Principle
Krishna Patel Krishna Patel
Pretty as a princess. She believes that she deserves the life of a princess. But her middle class parents can''t give her that. She wants to be noticed by the media so she can become an actress/model. She''s so caught up with her looks that she has never looked at whether she has any other abilities or not. Jaitley discovers that she''s a genius and brilliant in academics.
Jatin Sharma Jatin Sharma
Say hello to Nawab Saab. He carries himself with royal arrogance. He is suave, sophisticated and elegant. But he has a dark secret which he is looking to hide from everyone at Royal Academy.
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