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Channel V - Crazy Stupid Ishq Season 1, 2

A story about 4 young people chasing love, friendship, career and ambitions. 4 youngsters, 5 love stories.

Harsh Rajput Harsh Rajput
Role:Ishaan Dixit
This guy is lovable, but don't even bother to ask his history. At best, you know he is Ayaan's brother, but differences between them are really something. He has something about him that's truly enigmatic. He will definitely floor you, and many others, with his charm and mystery! But behind every hard shell lies a soft heart, will Ishaan fall in love or simply remain mister mystery?
Vishal Vashishtha
Role:Ayaan Dixit
Ayaan is a great friend and a cool buddy. He wants to achieve a lot and be a great son to a great dad. He is very ambitious and hard working. As a friend he is reliable, that just makes him so adorable! He has a long way to go to achieve his father's dreams but he knows how to get there. But will the adorable Ayaan find love?
Aneri Vajani
Role:Shanaaya Khan
She definitely is one of a kind! She aspires to have an identity of her own. Skilled at music, has a fancy car but wants to be more than just the daughter of a superstar. Love her, hate her, just don't under-rate her! Will Shanaaya Khan find love or will she be lost in the sea of friendship?
Heeba Nawab
Role:Anushka Atwal
She wants to be someone but knows not what; has to go somewhere, but has no clue where. Ambitious without Aims, Confused but has dreams. Aspires to be someone! Sweet, sexy, nice and cute, Anushka needs to find her roots. On Anushka Atwal's path to sweet success, what will she find first? Will it be friendship or some crazy stupid love?
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