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Channel V Dil Dosti Dance

We all have dreams and aspirations. But not all dreams become reality and not all aspirations change destiny. And the road is filled with hurdles. Meet Kria ; her dreams and aspirations begin and end with DANCE. Follow her journey as she stumbles, topples and tries to overcome the hurdles that stand in her way

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh Kunwar Amarjeet Singh
Role:Reyaansh Singhania
The cool dude, the most wanted guy - meet Reyaansh , the guy most girls dream about. Handsome, charming and a great dancer, he seems to have it all. He and Sharon are the dancing couple of St. Louis College. But his interest in Sharon does not go beyond dance. Though he was born with a silver spoon, unlike the other rich 'brats', he's not averse to making friends from the wrong-side-of-the-track.
Shantanu Maheshwari Shantanu Maheshwari
Role:Swayam Shekhawat
Swayum is a simple guy with hidden qualities. He is a brilliant dancer. When Kria asks him to join her dance team he refuses as he will have to compete against dazzler and most importantly Sharon, the girl he is in love with. However Sharon always puts him down. He joins weakling dance team to show to the girl he loves that he is not a zero as she thinks. Everyone is aware about the soft corner Swayum has for Sharon.
Vrinda Dawda Vrinda Dawda
Vrushika Mehta Vrushika Mehta
Sneha Gupta Sneha Gupta
A new entrant in the college and befriends all the dancers. A part of Weaklings team after Vishakha's exit and develops a liking towards Swayam even though she knows Swayam will always be Sharon's only. She has her own style of talking and is a very shy person when coming to friendships. But while dancing, she breaks out of her little box and can stun you.
Alisha Singh Alisha Singh
Kria's first friend in Mumbai city on her first day of college who ends up becoming one of her closest friend and part of weakling dance team. She can't speak english properly but keeps trying. She has a huge crush on cultural head RDX.
Prateek Kalsi (Archie)
Reyaansh best friend since childhood and like a brother to him. Vicky always care about Reyaansh reputation. He is Reyaanh's secret keeper who knows everything about him also the fact that Reyaansh has a crush on Kria. He gets smitten by Neha's look at the party organized by RDX.
Macedon Dmello Macedon Dmello
Part of dazzler dance team Nilesh is the rapper who is always ready to do weaklings crap in his rap style.
Amar Gowda Amar Gowda
Amar works in the college canteen along with that studying in the college. When Vishaka asks him to join Kria's dance team he immediately says yes without giving a second thought as it's an opportunity for him to show everyone his dance talent.
Samentha Fernandes Samentha Fernandes
Part of dazzler dance team, Simi is one of Sharon's close friend and her copycat. Unlike Rini who acts dumb at times Simi is smart one.
Aniruddh Deo
Role:Prof. Ravi Dixit (RDX)
He is the Handsome cultural head of their college. All girls are behind him. He always tries to resolve the problems between dazzlers and weaklings.
Vinti Idnani
Vishaka was a dazzler but unlike others she didn't use to butter Sharon because of which she was thrown out of dazzler group and she became a weakling. She joins Kria's dance team. Vishaka and Sharon share a hate hate relationship.
Bharat Ragathi
Swayum's best friend and part of weakling dance team. Apart from being a student Bharat also works in garage. He can't stand dazzlers for the snob they are.
Anivaran Jyoti
Unlike other principals. He is not so strict with the students
Shakti Mohan Shakti Mohan
Role:Kria Ghai
The only child of a single mother, Kria is completely over-protected. Kria is defined by her love for dance; and this is the only bone of contention between mother daughter since Smriti, her mother, is against the idea of Kria dancing and Kria tries hard to keep her love for dance out of her mother's sight... Bratty, but brave.
Karan Singh Grover Karan Singh Grover
Role:Prof.Karan Mallik
Priyanka  Soni Priyanka Soni
Part of dazzler dance team, Rini is one of Sharon's close friend and her copycat.
Tarana Raja Kapoor Tarana Raja Kapoor
Smriti is Kria's mother who works for a bank and takes a job transfer to Mumbai so that she can be with her daughter who is going to study in a college in Mumbai. Smriti and Kria share a tashan walla love-hate relationship.
Sneha Kapoor Sneha Kapoor
Role:Ex - Sharon Raiprakash
The veritable spoilt-rich-kid, Sharon is actually Sharanjeet Kaur. Like many things in her life, her name is also designed to get attention. Daddy''s girl, she''s had mostly everything go her own way. She loves to dance and on the dance floor, she transforms from a selfish, spoilt, baby-doll, to a graceful swan. She is paired opposite Swayam, an entirely opposite character to her. She feels like she likes Rey, but later realizes that she likes Swayam.
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