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LifeOK - Savitri

'Savitri' is a story of a woman and her immense love for her husband Satya and how that love gives her the strength to face Rahukaal, the ultimate devil incarnate. Rahukaal has taken away the love of Savitri's life and made her life a living hell.

Ridhi Dogra Vashisth Ridhi Dogra Vashisth
Role:Savitri Choudhary
Satya's Wife and Lover, Incarnation of Rajkumari Damyanti
Ashish Kapoor Ashish Kapoor
Role:Senapati Veer
Yash Pandit Yash Pandit
Role:Satyavan Choudhary
Savitri's Husband and Lover, Incarnation of Senapati Veer
Angad Hasija Angad Hasija
Satya''s Best Friend
Sumana Das Sumana Das
Krip Suri Krip Suri
Role:Rahu Kaal
Ultimate Evil Incarnate, Lover of Rajkumari Damyanti and Savitri
Reshmi Ghosh Reshmi Ghosh
Rahu Kaal''s sister, Evil Incarnate,
Indrani Haldar Indrani Haldar
Role:Leena Roy Choudhary
Satya''s mother and Savitri''s mother-in-law

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Savitri is an Indian supernatural television series that airs on Life OK Monday through Friday. The series premiered on 18 February 2013. It is the story of a woman, Savitri, and her immense love for her husband Satya and how that love gives her the strength to face Rahu Kaal, an evil being who wants Savitri to love him.


  • Riddhi Dogra as Rajkumari Damyanti
  • Ashish Kapoor as Senapati Veer
  • Krip Suri as Rahukaal
  • Reshmi Ghosh as Gulika
  • Amit Behl as Commander
  • Rishina Kandhari as Nakshatra
  • Shahbaz Khan as Maharaj Jay Singh
  • Natasha Sinha as Maharani
  • Jasvir Kaur as Vishkanya
  • Raj Arjun as Chandaal singh

Former cast

  • Avneet Kaur as Rajkumari Damyanti (kid)
  • Yash Pandit as Satya
  • Angad Hasija as Dev (dead)
  • Krip Suri as Rahu Kaal
  • Reshmi Ghosh as Gulika
  • Lalit Parimoo as Baba Arishtanemi
  • Indrani Haldar as Leena Rai Chaudhary/Vishgati (Dual roles)
  • Sumana Das as Mishti
  • Karan Suchak as Vikrant
  • Puneet Vashist as Dhoomketu
  • Salil Ankola as Raja Jay Singh
  • Utkarsha Naik as Daymanti's mother/Maharani


The series starts with part of the earth is ruled by evil Rahu Kaal. He falls in love with princess Damayanti, who in turn is in love with Veer – the Senapati of her kingdom. In order to win Damayanti, Rahu challenges Veer to a battle, but tricks him and kills him. When Damyanti comes to know about this she kills Rahu Kaal and then kills herself. Before dying, Veer and Damayanti promise each other that they will take a hundred more births, if necessary, to be with each other.

The storyline then leaps to 1990. Damayanti and Veer have been reincarnated as Savitri and Satya. Rahu Kaal's sister, who transforms shapes, keeps an eye on Satya and Savitri to ensure their love story begins. She does this to bring back her brother, Rahu Kaal from the dead.

Then the show takes a leap of 23 years and enters the years 2013. Savitri and Satya are now adults who fall in love with each other But Savitri refrains when Satya proposes her for marriage because she has dreams regarding her past life of the evil Rahu Kaal. But after some time she accepts his proposal and marries him. Because of the love of Satya and Savitri, Rahu Kaal returns and decides to separate Satya from Savitri by taking his soul.

Savitri attempts to bring Satya back from the Rahu Kaal and Satya's tries to save Savitri from the Rahu Kaal.

With the help of the star Bhumkeetu, Savitri has managed to throw Rahu Kaal inside the Kaal Chakra for 2000 years. Rahu Kaal's mother, Vishgati is terribly upset because this is considered to be Savitri And Satya's seventh and last birth and its impossible to get Rahu Kalal therefore Vishgati sacrifices her immortality to Kaal and reverts time back 1000 years where Rahu Kaal and Damyanti will have fresh start.

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