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SAB TV - Jeannie aur Juju

I DREAM OF JEANNIE is based on the romantic & fantasy filled adventures of Jeannie and Captain Vicky Arora who is a commercial pilot with Fly High Airlines. The action begins when Vicky abandons his plane and makes an emergency landing on a deserted island where he finds a 2000 yrs old Jeannie trapped in a bottle. Jeannie falls in love with Vicky at the very first sight, tricks him and follows him by back into his world. The well intentioned Jeannie only tries to make life better for Vicky while actually putting him into trouble at all situations. Its' only a matter of time before this very naughty yet lovable Jeannie will become the centre of Vicky's universe and the chase will turn into a sweet tale of romance, magic and fantasy.

Giaa Manek Giaa Manek
Ali Asgar Ali Asgar
Navina Bole Navina Bole
Muni Jha Muni Jha
Role:Captain Vicky'z dad
Vicky''s dad
Kurush Deboo Kurush Deboo
Role:Dr. Cyrus Doctor
Neha Mehta Neha Mehta
Jeannie''s sister
Karan Goddwani Karan Goddwani
Jhumma Mitra Jhumma Mitra
Role:Durga Sen
Harsh Khurana Harsh Khurana
Role:Captain Virendra Lakhanpal (Vela)
Amit Tandon Amit Tandon
re-incarnation of Jin Jhimmy and lover of Gia, killed by demon in Jinn land
Ashiesh Roy Ashiesh Roy
Role:Chatur Sen
Farida Jalal Farida Jalal
Shoma Anand Shoma Anand Role:Captain Vicky's mom

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