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Sony TV - Kehta Hai Dil... Jee Le Zara

'Kehta Hai Dil... Jee Le Zara' is a story of 34 year old Saanchi, a strong, single independent working woman. After her parents' death, Saanchi, has taken over the responsibility of her family which includes her 2 younger siblings (Prachi & Advait) & her maternal & paternal grandmothers. She runs her deceased father's dream "The strawberry farm" and in all this responsibility she has never got time for herself -till one day Dhruv comes into her life as a breath of fresh air. Dhruv is a rich, suave, full of life 27 year old lawyer by profession who meets Saanchi and is impressed by her. Will Dhruv change Saanchi's life?

Sangeeta Ghosh Sangeeta Ghosh
She is a strong, independent woman who shoulders the responsibility of her family all by herself� She has made a choice of not getting married as she feels that her family is her first priority & responsibility�. She is a girl who has value for money, has struggled in her life & has achieved things the hard way� She is not hyper & doesn�t react impulsively to situations� she has skills of people management & she tackles situations with a calm mind� she is sorted & organized�
Ruslaan Mumtaz Ruslaan Mumtaz
He is a natural lawyer. Quick witted and vain, acutely aware of his charms he does not hesitate to use it to get his way with people. He is immature & has a casual attitude towards everything in life as he has got everything on a platter very easily�
Sulbha Despande Sulbha Despande
Sulbha Prabhu (Daadi) is 68 years old and silently wise. She is an active advocate of naturopathy. She is at loggerheads with Nani (Suman) about everything under the sun but both agree that Saatchi''s well-being is what they are alive to take care of.
Meenakshi Sethi Meenakshi Sethi
She is 66 years old and calls a spade a spade. She likes to give her opinions whether asked or not and often wants to take charge of the situation and sort it out militantly. She is a staunch supporter of allopathy and feels there is no need to feel pain if it can be avoided.
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  • Sangeeta Ghosh as Saachi
  • Ruslaan Mumtaz as Dhruv (a) DV
  • Meenakshi Sethi as Suman/Nani
  • Sulbha Deshpande as Aaji/Dadi
  • Delnaaz Paul as Dilshad
  • Vinay Jain as Rishi, Sunil's Mother's cousin brother, wishing to marry Saachi
  • Vishal Nayak as Shivam
  • Vishnu Bholwani as Pradeep ... Saachi's paternal cousin
  • Priyanka Sidana as Prachi ... Saachi's younger sister
  • Unknown as Advait ... Saachi's Brother
  • Unknown as Deepali ... Pradeep's wife
  • Unknown as Sunil ... Prachi's Boyfreind/Lover and Fiance
  • Unknown as Sunil Father
  • Unknown as Sunil's mother
  • Unknown as Sunil's sister

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