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Star Plus - Behenein Season 1, 2, 3

Behenein is a story about life, progression, bonding among the sisters. It traces the lives of four sisters-their travails, their joys, their sorrows, their triumphs as they journey through life. The role of four sisters is played by Shiju Kataria, Adaaa Khan and Ojaswi Oberoi with Alisha Khan playing Purva. Produced by JD Majethia's Hats Off productions, which has a long standing association with Star Plus, Behenein is their first offering in the family drama genre.

Darshan Jariwala Darshan Jariwala
Role:Mr. Sevantilal (Father)
A loving father, who can do anything for their daughters and loves all of them equally. He has never let them face any difficulties in life and has provided them with a very sheltered upbringing. He loves his family deeply, but also trusts his sister Neema Foi blindly and always seeks her approval before taking any important family and business decisions.
Shruti Ulfat Shruti Ulfat
Role:Revti Shashtri (Mother)
A loving mother, who dotes on all her 4 daughters and is always worrying about them. She loves her family a lot, she shares a wonderful relationship with her husband and is like a friend to her 4 daughters.
Aalesha Phulwa Aalesha Phulwa
The oldest of four sisters, Purva is the sole driving factor in her whole family after her parents� death. Though not completely mature, the untimely death of her parents endows her with the sudden responsibility of her sisters. Learning things the hard way, she takes on the onus of being a mother and father to her younger siblings. She eventually learns to sacrifice her joys for the benefit of her sisters. A cleanliness freak she is always working to clear the clutter and manages to do so with ease even while casually talking to other people. A person who values sentiments and emotions, Purva is in love with her best friend Amar for many years. The most important thing in her life is a silver pendant gifted by her parents and she always kisses it before anything important because to her the locket stands for their love and blessings. Purva is the person with the camera on all occasions as she believes in capturing all moments in pictures and later going through them when she feels low.
Shiju Kataria Shiju Kataria
A complete contrast to all her sisters, Smriti is extremely nervous and lacks confidence. She can never look into someone�s eyes while communicating. She has always been the one with less immunity making her frequently prone to illness. As a result she has always been a little more pampered. Her parents� death has had a major mental impact on her. Extremely innocent and gullible, she is held responsible for any untowardly incident by her in laws and she accepts it. However whenever one asks her something, she gives an honest response. This is one thing that her husband Mihir loves about her. Completely in awe of Purva, Smriti is unsure of her choices in life.
Sudeep Sahir Sudeep Sahir
The doting and loving husband of Smriti who tries his best to balance between his mother and wife. Mihir goes thro a very bad state when Smriti gets into a deep health problem as soon as she hears about her parents' demise. He is left all alone with his new born kid, and that is when a new phase in his life begins..
Itishree Singh Itishree Singh
Dolly Minhas Dolly Minhas
Rusty who is a London girl but deep within, has got Indian values. She makes her way to India searching for her roots.
Adaa Khan Adaa Khan
Akashi is the third and most beautiful among all the siblings. She is proud of her beauty and feels that this can make people dance to her tunes. However she never looks down upon her sisters inspite of the attention she gets from everyone. Extremely fussy about her diet, she follows various techniques to enhance her beauty and the mirror is her best friend.
Alok Arora Alok Arora
Ojaswi Oberoi Ojaswi Oberoi
Vibrant and fun loving, Anokhi is the youngest of the sisters. She always carries a bag of wanted and unwanted things that make her a highly resourceful person. She loves anklets and keeps collecting them as she loves the sound of the anklet when she walks, dances or even moves her leg. A wonderful dancer, she shares a great rapport with Amar and also learns dance from him.
Manoj Mishra Manoj Mishra
Ketki Dave Ketki Dave
Role:Neema Fai
The elder sister of Sevantilal, Fai is highly respected and has the status of a mother in law in the house. Sevantilal respects her immensely but is unaware of her real side. Besides being vindictive, she is also very authoritative and has the last word about any decision. An extremely religious person, she has a huge hand in Sevantilal�s success and hence he never refuses anything that she says. However the four sisters are extremely scared of her.
Ajay Chaudhary Ajay Chaudhary
He is the groom-to-be of Purva. His character's profession is that of a choreographer. His role's character sketch is of a sweet and understanding person who is always ready to be with Purva in any phase of life and is a happy-go-lucky person.
Karan Mehra Karan Mehra
Devrraj Singh Arora Devrraj Singh Arora
He is a guy Who met Anokhi in dance class and they attract each other.
Dheeraj Dhoopar Dheeraj Dhoopar
Role:Bhavesh Patil
Bhavesh Patil is a very fun loving, charming and flirtatious guy who comes across Anokhi and gets to like her at the very first meeting. Bhavesh owns an event management company and is a rich guy.
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