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Star Plus - Bhabhi Season 1, 2

Bhabhi is the story of a girl Saroj, a bride who finds her life changing drastically the minute she lifts her bridal veil. The love life of Tilak and Saroj forms the crux of this story.

  Bhanujeet Sudan
Dolly Sohi Dolly Sohi
Plays the title role of Bhabhi
Naazneen Patel Naazneen Patel
Megha is a doctor who is very busy with her work and has no time for her family.
Poonam Joshi Poonam Joshi
Rishika is now at crossroads as she is married to Samar, but her family does not know this fact. They are getting her married to another guy and it is her Bhabhi Suhana who stands as Rishika�s support system.
Rucha Gujrathi Rucha Gujrathi
plays suhana in bhabhi
Vidya Sinha Vidya Sinha
Role:Savitri Thakral
A strong woman who like all mothers is concerned about her children. She is the one who supports them when they are right but does not hesitate to be on the opposite end if they are wrong. She has inculcated the values of family and respect towards women so strongly among her children that they have always respected women not only in the family but outside too. She has been the greatest support for Suhana in the Thakral family.
Sonia Singh Sonia Singh
Sushma, nick named Sush is playing Vishva's wife.
Tarun khanna Tarun khanna
Role:Samar Kapoor
Samar Kapoor hails from Australia to pursue his wife, Rishika aka Poonam Joshi. Rishika cannot reveal anything about Samar to her family. So, Samar enter the family and then there's a twist in the tale. The story takes a different turn when Samar's hidden motives come out in the open.
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