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Star Plus - Bidaai Season 1, 2

Bidaai is a story of two sisters, Sadhna (beautiful) and Ragini (unattractive). Sadhna is the adopted child in the family. Life is pleasant for Sadhna as she is beautiful but society is a bit rude and harsh on Ragini, who faces a lot more challenges because she is not good-looking. Both the sisters love each other immensely and are good natured but societys approach towards them makes Sadhnas life difficult as her mother starts differentiating between them.

Sadhna is treated like a step-daughter in the house and feels punished for her good looks but Ragini loves her unconditionally. All-in-all, the story is about these two sisters whose 'looks' determine their happiness. This unique story embarks the journey of two sisters and makes one question the belief - Are beautiful people happier than ugly Bettys.

Sara Khan Sara Khan
Role:Sadhna Alekh Rajvansh
She was 2 year old, her mother died, since then she�s been living with her Mama and considers his family as her own. She younger than Ragini, but is more mature and understanding. Her beauty is her biggest enemy, because of which she has never got the love of Kaushalya. She is a caring, understanding and hard working girl. She�s Ragini�s best friend and both share great rapport irrespective of their looks.
Parul Chauhan Parul Chauhan
Role:Ragini Anmol Rajvansh
She loves her sister Sadhna and can�t live without her. She will go to any extent to see a smile on Sadhana face. like her mother, she is also dark skinned because of which her mother nags her to apply various fairness creams. She is aware that she is not beautiful and also lacks confidence, yet she�s waiting for her prince charming. She is the love-interest of Ranveer as 'Anamika' while they talk as wrong-number friends. During Taj Maha utsav Ranvir and Ragini come face to face,and she is shocked, Ranvir leaves in a shock and Ragini is hurt, Later on Ranvir proposes her clearing the misunderstanding that he left not because of her color but because he was shocked as they never recognised each other. Also he states the misunderstanding which increased his confusion.Ragini also confesses she loves him a lot!!
Angad Hasija Angad Hasija
Role:Alekh Rajvansh
Vasundra's eldest son, has got a mental abnormality butHe loves his younger brother Ranveer a lot. Circumstances make Sadhana and Alekh get married, Initially Alekh hates Sadhna but then they become good friends and slowly he starts to love her very much and relies upon her for everything and is the best husband ever. He addresses her as "Dost".
Kinshuk Mahajan Kinshuk Mahajan
Role:Ranvir Rajvansh
Vasundra's youngest son, arrived from America and went back but he has now come back with his new girlfriend Sonia who really just likes their wealth. On the day of his engagement, Sonia's truth is revealed and he is shattered. As Destiny has its own Plan, Ragini and Ranveer start communicating on Phone, when Ragini dials a wrong number, without realizing who the other person is they address each other as Anamika and Anmol, they become good friends and realise that they have fallen for each other without knowing each other's real identity, though Irony of life brings Ranveer and Ragini face to face on and off they don't recognize each other. They fix their time to meet. During Taj Maha Utsav Ranvir realizes his Anamika is none other than Ragini, he is shocked, Vasundra tries to confuse him saying Ragini had planned to fool him, but eventually the truth is out and he realizes he loves Ragini a lot, he meets her and proposes her, and also stands up for her!!
Avinash Wadhavan Avinash Wadhavan
Role:Indrajit Rajvansh
The eldest son of the Rajvansh family. Father of Alekh and Ranveer and husband of Vasundhara
Apurva Agnihotri Apurva Agnihotri
Role:Anmol Sareen
Sulagna Panigrahi Sulagna Panigrahi
Seema Kapoor Seema Kapoor
Role:Vasundhara Rajvansh
She is a women who wants to get things done her way, at any cost, she makes the circumstances and makes sure that her eldest son, who due to some reason is mentally abnormal gets married to beautiful Sadhna, she strikes a deal with Sadhna that if she marries Alekh then her younger son Ranveer will get married to her dark sister Ragini, however Ranveer arrives with his girlfriend Sonia, and rejects Ragini much to Vasundara's relief, however Ranveer's fiancee Sonia is behind the property and gets exposed. Vasundhara Praises Sadhana's efforts, but still she cant think that Ragini can be ever Ranveer's choice
Alok Nath Alok Nath
Role:Prakash Chand (Mamaji)
He is a retired professor and a librarian now. He is protective about Sadhana, his sister�s daughter, and has brought her up as his own daughter after his sister died. He is a jovial person and seeks happiness in small things. His biggest concern is about the future of his daughters and his happiness lies in his daughters, as they are his pride and strength. He showers his love equally on his own daughter Ragini and niece Sadhana.
Vibha Chhibber Vibha Chhibber
Role:Kaushalya (Mamiji)
Mamiji is Ragini's mom, who dislikes Sadhana because she is beautiful. But after the death of Sadhana's father she likes Sadhana like her own daughter. She has faced a lot in life because of her dark skin and she doesn�t want it to happen with her own daughter Ragini. Due to these circumstances she has become a racist and has started hating Sadhana, who is fair and beautiful. Her greatest fear is that Ragini will never get a nice groom as long as Sadhana is in her life.
Mahesh Thakur Mahesh Thakur
Role:Kishanchand Awasthy
Ashita Dhawan Gulabani Ashita Dhawan Gulabani
Vineet�s wife. She is a selfish and an insensitve person just like Vinu. She keeps telling "Jhoot to main bolti nahi.." (I never tell lies...) and then goes on instigating family members against each other. She enjoys creating misunderstanding in the family and lives for it.
Almas Atif Ali Sayad Almas Atif Ali Sayad
Role:Khushi Rajvansh
[daughter of Sadhna and Alekh]
Puneet Tejwani Puneet Tejwani
Role:Dr. Shlok
Dr. Shlok (Maalti's brother, Alekh Rajvansh's childhood friend)
Vimarsh Roshan Vimarsh Roshan
Role:Naveen Rajvansh
Naveen Rajvansh play the role of negative guy who is very ambitious and business minded yet sly. His aunt and uncle are quite dominating in the family because of which he wants to take over the business. All in all he is the bad guy in the serial.
Aruna Singhal Aruna Singhal
Role:Malti's mother
Like Malti, is often arguing with Naniji and is lazy. she always says in hindi bhagwan jut na bolaye
Rajshri Thakur Vaidya Rajshri Thakur Vaidya
Role:Nishtha Vasudev
Amar Upadhyay Amar Upadhyay
Role:Dhananjay Singhania
Smriti Sinha Smriti Sinha
Role:Mallika Mehra
She is very professional about her work, so much so that she comes across as an arrogant lady, who is devoid of human sentiments. She will be interacting with Alekh and it is heard that their professional relationship will turn into friendship as the story unfolds.
Puneet Sachdev Puneet Sachdev
Natasha Rana Natasha Rana
Role:Ambika Rajvansh
Chotima who is very much liked by Alekh.
Shabana Mullani Shabana Mullani
Role:Dolly Rajvansh
Dolly Rajvansh is a daughter of Vasundhara and Indrajit Rajvansh.
Shambhavi Sharma Shambhavi Sharma
Gujri (Maid of Sharma House)
Madhura Naik Madhura Naik
Sonia is a modern young girl born and brought up in USA. She accompanies her beau Ranveer to attend the reception of Alekh and Sadhana. Sonia, being her cheerful self will try her best to adjust and mingle with everyone in the Rajvansh family. But as the story proceeds, there will be different shades to the character.
Aliraza Namdar Aliraza Namdar
Role:Satyandra Rajvansh
Satyandra Rajvansh is a younger brother of Indrajit Rajvansh and a father of Naveen.
Eva Grover Eva Grover
Vasundhra Rajvansh friend
Hema Malini Hema Malini
Role:Celebrity Guest
She came as celebrity guest in Taj Maha Utsav
Amardeep Jha Amardeep Jha
She is Mamiji's (Kausalya) mom. She comes to visit the family at times. And when she does, she keeps poisoning Mamiji's mind against Sadhana.. telling her that Ragini's life will be ruined because of Sadhana.
Preeti Puri Choudhary Preeti Puri Choudhary
The eldest bahu of Rajvansh family - Naveen's wife, Selfish always ready to create some trouble for Sadhana but it backfires, she is equally involved with her husband Naveen in all his bad deeds and Hera Pheri, she also provokes Malti so that it affects Sadhana indirectly. She dreams of being next Vasundhara and acts like her in Vasundhara's absence. One can see clear transition in her character - when she is with people of lower status she flaunts and acts like Vasundhara and in front of Vasundhara she becomes a meek and obedient follower.
Mahesh Thakur Mahesh Thakur
Role:Kishan Chand (Sadhna's father)
He is an artist by profession. He looses his wife, as he couldn�t pay hefty hospital bills when she was ill, so leaves India to earn money, so that his daughter doesn�t face any financial problems in life. A self made man and his only dream is to see his daughter�s bidaai. He is grateful to his brother-in-law Prakash, as he was the only one who came forward to help him in his time of grief. Although he hasn�t seen Sadhana, he is in touch with her through phone conversations, letters and he sends gifts and drafts for her.
Navin Saini Navin Saini
Mama-Mami's son, Ragini brother. He is very selfish and looks out for himself only. He doesn't care of anyone else. He keeps lying to his parents that he earns very less, just so that they don't ask him for any financial help. He works in the Rajvansh industries which is a secret to his family members except his wife and Sadhana.Naveen Rajvansh tricked him to sign a 2 Crore deal with another company.Naveen told his uncle (Alekh's father)about this and blamed him.Naveen told Vasundhra about it and Vasundhra,furious,calls the police,goes to Vinu's home and arrests him.Just as he is caught, he runs away from home.
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