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Star Plus - Chhote Ustaad Season 1, 2

Chhote Ustaad � Do Deshon Ki Ek Awaaz is a never seen before singing talent hunt show which will bring out the best of the best singing talents from every nook and corner of India and Pakistan. India vs. Pakistan has always been a nail � biting experience to watch but now the country cannot afford to miss India & Pakistan fighting for each other. The two most outstanding singers from both the countries � Sonu Nigam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will search for the most extraordinary talents within the age limit of 8 to 14 years from each of their countries. 10 most promising voices from India and 10 from Pakistan will come together on one musical platform to win this musical battle. 10 teams, each comprising of 1 Indian and 1 Pakistani will compete against each other on a week on week basis to win the title of Chhote Ustaad.

The judges' panel will have three judges - Sonu and Rahat will be the two judges while the third judge will be a flexi judge who will keep changing every week. With a new judge in every episode, the look and the feel of each episode will be fresh and it will be high on emotions, drama and music. Adding some more spice to this sizzling musical extravaganza will be the witty and humorous Omi Vaidya, who we fondly remember as "Chatur" from 3 idiots acting as the host in the show. Joining Omi will be Chinmayi, an award winning playback singer from down south who has given hit numbers like "Maiyya maiyya".

The show will be an emotion-packed musical ride full of entertainment, innocence, fun and frolic. Apart from god singing, the audience will also witness the heart-wrenching stories of partition, the coming together of a village boy and a city dude, the rich and the poor, the meeting of two different families and cultures and two strangers becoming the best of friends.

Sonu Niigam Sonu Niigam
Role:Sonu Nigam
As a Judge
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Role:Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
As a Judge
Omi Vaidya Omi Vaidya
Role:Omi Vidya
As the Host
There are 20 contestants who are split into 10 teams, called a "Jodi". Each Jodi consists of one Pakistani and one Indian.
  • Jodi Number 1: Akanksha and Rouhan winner
  • Jodi Number 3: Rishabh and Moon 2nd place
  • Jodi Number 5: Ahsan and Sayantan 3rd place
  • Jodi Number 2: Shyamantan and Rose - eliminated October
  • Jodi Number 4: Mair and Mayuri - eliminated September 25
  • Jodi Number 6: Satinder and Shahid - eliminated September 12
  • Jodi Number 7: Bhanu and Ahsan- eliminated September 5
  • Jodi Number 8: Wania and Ansh - eliminated August 29
  • Jodi Number 9: Sayantan and Fahad - eliminated August 22
  • Jodi Number 10: Dipan and Fariha - eliminated August 8
  • Jodi Number 11: Faisal and Debanjana - eliminated August 1
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