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Star Plus - Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum Season 1, 2

It is the law of the universe that balance changes when something new comes in touch with something old and set in its way. The equation between a saas and a bahu is not any different. If the bahu walks the tight rope, the saas watches her do this with a hawk's eye, even expecting her to falter at the very next step. Samyukta Majumdar is the progressive matriarch who not only fulfilled her duties of a wife, mother and saas like an ideal housewife (or homemaker?), she did so happily.

She wholeheartedly accepted Sushila, a one-time actress of mythological films as her eldest bahu, overlooking her colorful and childish persona. But Sushila is a child at heart, and like a child, who takes the criticism constructively, only to make the same mistakes again. Samyukta has given up on Aniket who is irresponsible and slow in disposition making him unable to function like normal people. Of one thing Samyukta is very clear, she wants her new bahu to not only fulfill her duties, but will do so as per the parameters set by her. This is a story where conflicts arise because diverse mindsets end up clashing for the very same goal, each other's happiness!

Suchita Trivedi Suchita Trivedi
Role:Samyukta Mehta Majumdar
She is a progressive mother-in-law of today who does not endorse the rudimentary belief of keeping her daughter-in-law under her thumb and treat her differently. Though she gives her daughter-in-law complete freedom, she also firmly believes that a daughter-in-law has certain responsibilities to fulfill unlike the way a daughter is at her mother�s place, like careless and carefree. Her mission in life is to make her daughter-in-law Sushila adhere to the life style of the Majumdar family, which she has not been able to do so even after four years. She is living in the hope that her future daughter-in-law will take over her responsibilities and help her govern the house in a systematic way.
Rajeev Mehta Rajeev Mehta
Role: Nikhilesh Majumdar
He is a retired ex-scientist who has come up with a �Truth Serum�that is accepted by the State Of Law and the patent of which gives him unlimited amount of money, which accounts for the family�s lifestyle. He is a prankster and the child in his heart is still alive, which makes him jovial and plays pranks with his daughter-in-law and sons but at the same time he is also very supportive to his wife in spite of the fact that he puts her into trouble time and again because of his jovial nature.
Pariva Pranati Pariva Pranati
Role:Sushila Binoy Majumdar
Sushila is a woman who thinks from her heart and not her mind. This colorful, vivacious Kathiawari, ex-mytho film actress finds herself married into an extremely refined and learned Naagar household. Sushila is unable to realize her responsibilities that come naturally with marriage. But Sushila is extremely respectful towards her mother-in-law who she looks up to and whenever she falters or causes distress to the latter, she goes out of her way to make amends. Since she has been childless for four years into her marriage, this affection for Aniket has increased manifold resulting in her overindulging and pampering Aniket to no end. This is often a point of conflict with her and Samyukta.
Vishal Gandhi Vishal Gandhi
Role:Aniket Nikhilesh Majumdar
Aniket is the second of the four Majumdar kids. A very talented boy, he sings and writes poetries very well but he has no clue as to how to use his talent to his advantage. He is introverted, irresponsible and slightly slow in disposition. Extremely bright as a kid, his approach to life became laidback as a result of getting sidelined by his own siblings. Samyukta is worried about him and is of the opinion that if she gets him married; will he be incapable to take care of his family? Sushila on the other hand, feels that he will get responsible once he is married.
Tanvi Thakkar Tanvi Thakkar
Role:Forum Nikhilesh Majumdar
She is the woman of today. She is very clear about her future and wants to get married in a very well to do family where they have cooks, drivers and where she doesn�t have to look after any household work. She is also very career-oriented and wants to be the financial support of the family. However, Samyukta feels that though being a financial support to the family is a good thing but a woman should not completely give up all the responsibilities of the house as she feels women can look after the house in a far better manner than the servants. She keeps having conflicts with her for the same.
Aditya Kapadia Aditya Kapadia
Role:Shahswat Nikhilesh Majumdar
Shashwat and Forum Majumdar are fraternal twins (twins who don�t look alike. He is very modern in his thinking and also over-smart. He is a know-it-all. It�s a classic case of verbal diarrhea that annoys everyone no end. He�s the narad muni of the household. The latter was a bright child and was always showered with praise and given more attention by the family. Sibling rivalry goes to another level when they start to sideline the already introverted Aniket by not involving him in whatever they do. Even after so many years, they feel that Aniket walks away with all the sympathy because he is slow and goofs up all the time.
Pooja Banerjee Pooja Banerjee
Role:Tejal Gulabchand Vakharia
Tejal is the tomboyish moholla cricket champion with a heart of gold who can beat boys into a pulp. She is a head strong girl who inevitably gets into fights with the boys in her locality in Surat often beating them up. Tejal lost her mother at a very young age and was brought up single-handedly by her father. Having no female influence around her, she became tomboyish. She yearns for motherly love and affection that she was bereft of since childhood. She wishes to get married in a house where she will have a mother-in-law who will shower her with the love and affection of a mother. So strong is her desire to have motherly affection, that she doesn�t mind marrying in a house where she will get two mothers-in-laws!
Khushbu Thakkar Khushbu Thakkar
Sister of Sushila.
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