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Star Plus - Gulaal Season 1, 2

Gulaal is the story of a young girl (22 years) who is very lively and positive in life who hails from a village named Rashipur in Kutch. She has a unique gift of finding water in the dry lands of a desert. A neighbouring village Talsagra has been facing  a long and harsh drought. Vasantji (from Talsagra) comes to know of Gulaal's gift & takes up in his stride to find Gulaal and end the woes of his village once and for all.

When Vasantji finds  Gulaal, she decides, against the will of her entire village to go with him to Talsagrato benefit the village from her gift of finding water. Eventually their love blossoms and they get married. Gulaal becomes the one who ends the animosity of the two arch rival villages and brings colors of happiness to the lives of hundreds of people. She faces many obstacles in her life after this but faces them with confidence and by making intelligent choices.

Manasi Parekh Manasi Parekh
Gulaal is a bright 24-year-old residing in Rashipur, with a special gift of sensing water beneath the sand in an arid desert. Unfazed by the protests from the people of Rashipur and leaving behind her family and friends, Gulaal sets out to help the residents of Talsagra find water.
Neil Bhatt Neil Bhatt
He is mischievous and playful. After Vasant�s death Gulaal marries him for the sake of �Deeyar Vatu�.
Sushant Singh Sushant Singh
Dushyant, the cousin of Vasant and has a grey shade in him. He falls for Gulaal�s beauty and has an eye for her. He kills Vasant but later changes And Is A loving Man
Manoj Joshi Manoj Joshi
He plays the character of Motabha, father of Vasant. He is the Sarpanch of Talsagra and is well known for his rationality and generosity.
Neha Kaul Neha Kaul
Raman''s wife. She is dejected by Raman for another woman.
Falguni Dave
She is Gigaji�s wife and harbours ill feelings for Motaba�s family. She eyes for the entire wealth of Motaba.
Arav Choudhary
Vasant''s cousin. He is money-minded and eye Motaba�s entire wealth. He has no respect for his wife and is engaged in an extra-marital affair.
Hally Shah Hally Shah
Her mother and father died at a ver young age. She is brought up later by Sudha. She loves Kesar.
Rahil Azam Rahil Azam
Vasant, a resident of Talasagra. He is very positive and the guy has a good reputation in the village as his father is the Mukhiya. He loves kids and protects the women community and also speaks for truth. He is in love with Gulaal.
Aditi Tailang Aditi Tailang
Vasant''s sister. She is chirpy and full of life. She has courage which helps her fight her dark past.
Pankaj Tripathi Pankaj Tripathi
He plays the younger brother of Motaba. His daughter Kanchan�s death in Rashipur, is the cause of hostility between the two villages. He is hostile towards Gulaal and his family.
Manas Shah Manas Shah
Gulaal''s brother. He is shown to be a protective and caring brother. He later on falls for Reva and marries her.
Sparsh Khanchandani Sparsh Khanchandani
Young Talli
Niti Taylor Niti Taylor
Vasant''s cousin. She has a zest for life.
Ali Hajii
young kesar
Shakti Singh
Gulaal''s father. He is shown to be a man with head and heart.
Krishna Gokani Krishna Gokani Role:Jankhana

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