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Star Plus - Hamari Devrani Season 1, 2

'Hamari Devrani' is a family drama about the Nanavati Parivaar, based in Ahmedabad. It strongly establishes the sweet yet, at times, sour relationship between the five elder bahu's of the family and their youngest devrani. This is the story which unveils the various facets of relationships in a family. The show highlights the criticalities of various relations within the family like devrani-jethani, relations with in-laws and above all the relation between husband and wife. The show is an emotional saga of the protagonist Bhakti (played by Krishna), who is a simple and small town girl. Bhakti's faith and devotion in life is her biggest strength in life. She is brought up by Kashi Ben - her grandmother.

Her grandmother is her life and she believes that Bal Gopal to be her friend & family. Bhakti is a simple yet very strong character who never gives up before adversities that she faces in life. Her faith and love always shows her the right path to success. Looked upon as an unlucky girl, Bhakti is a complete loner. Circumstances bring her to Ahmedabad where she gets married to a family that consists of six brothers. Only to realize that the road she has chosen and the family she has chosen as her marital home, both have something else in store for her. Time and again she falls back on her faith in Bal Gopal for right guidance.

This show is indeed a mixture of the various flavors of life. With an interesting line of cast, the show promises to bring forward the nuances and intricacies of relationships between the elder and younger bahus of the family. his story is just not a family drama, but a mirror image of middleclass Indian household.

Kalyani Thakkar Kalyani Thakkar
Role:Parul Nanavati
Paro Nanavati, she is the lazy member of the family, she always likes to sleep, her sleep is never fullfilled. Kumkaran of the house, and Kamchor.
Manisha  Purohit Manisha Purohit
Role:Jalpa Nanavati
Jalpa Nanvati is younger the sister of Alpa Nanavati. Totally opposite her brains stops working, not great in memory. She never can hold something in her stomach.
Bhoomi Shukla Bhoomi Shukla
Role:Alpa Nanavati
Alpa Nanavati, the dangerous daughter-in-law of the Nanavati household. A person who likes conspiracy.
Neelam Panchal Neelam Panchal
Role:Rajeshwari Nanavati
Rajeshwari Nanavati, she was Rajeshwari Chauhan from an Rajput family, who doesn't want to loose her idenity by marrying into an Guju family. Thinks of herself as the most modern and fashionable among the others
Manas Shah Manas Shah
Role:Gautam Nanavati
Gautam Nanavati is the husband of Rajeshwari Nanavati.
Ajay Parekh Ajay Parekh
Role:Mukesh Nanavati
Mukesh Nanavati is the husband of Alpa Nanavati.
Kaushal Shah Kaushal Shah
Role:Sannat Nanavati
Sannat Nanavati is the husband of Parul Nanavati.
Raunak Soni Raunak Soni
Shreekant Soni Shreekant Soni
Role:Purushottam Das Nanavati
Purushottam Das Nanavati was the head of Nanavati family and husband of Devki.
Zankhana Sheth Zankhana Sheth
Role:Devki Nanavati
Mihir Rajda Mihir Rajda
Role:Kethan Nanavati
Kethan Nanavati is the husband of Jalpa Nanavati.
Lavanya Bhardwaj Lavanya Bhardwaj
Girish Solanki
Sadanand is a servant of Nanavati Family.
Aarti Malkan
Winy Tripathi Winy Tripathi
Purbi Joshi Purbi Joshi
Role:Daksha Deepak Patel
Brother Only sister
Samir Rajda Samir Rajda
Role:Manjula Husband
He is the eldest brother of Mohan and husband of Manjula Nanavati
Krishna Gokani Krishna Gokani
Role:Bhakti Nanavati
She is the wife of Mohan
Urvashi Upadhya Urvashi Upadhya
Role:Manjula Nanavati
She is the first no. jethani of Bhakti and Mohan's bhabhi. The person who is pride on Wealth, no one can be greater then her
Madhav Deochake Madhav Deochake
Role:Mohan Nanavati
He is the husband of Bhakti. Playing the lead role in the serial
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