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Star Plus - Junior Masterchef India Swaad Ke Ustaad

Junior Masterchef India Swaad Ke Ustaad will showcase cooking talent like never before. These kitchen stars will churn out dishes with flamboyance, their plates will be a work of art and their knowledge like a food scientist. The Junior Masterchef Kitchen will be their favourite playground ever.

In India, a kid cooking fancy gourmet food or exotic desserts or rich Indian food is something which has never ever been seen before. We are now ready to prove that Indian kids can not only sing, dance, and act but also cook better than anyone.
Vikas Khanna Vikas Khanna
Chef Kunal Kapur
Surjan Singh Jolly Role:Judge
The first season of Junior MasterChef Swaad Ke Ustaad is broadcast on Star Plus from 17 August, 2013 on every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm.
Participants, Contestants
Emanuel Chauhan
Sarthak Bharadwaj
Roshan Shaw
Devender Singh
Sakshi Tripathi
Harshika Doshi
Pammi Singh
Soham RajeEliminated
Sanya RahejaEliminated
Khyati HariEliminated
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