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Star Plus - Kaali Season 1, 2, 3

Kaali - Ek Agnipariksha

The tale of Mehta family who are simple and middle class with middle class values and dreams comprising of Veerender Mehta and his two children 16 year old Rachna and 11 year old Rahul . Rachana is a girl with big dreams who is sure to make a mark in Badminton one day. Rachana's cousin, Anu is her best friend. Rachana is all through encouraged in her pursuit of playing Badminton by her family. And it's during this pursuit that the menacing bahubali of her town- Thakral, lays his eyes on her. It is from here on the journey of Rachana who decides to fight back against the big and mighty Thakral. Anu stands by Rachana and they remain deeply connected through the terror and trauma that Thakral unleashes on Rachana and her family. The story is the tale of rachana who belongs to a small, peaceful and happy family and what happens to her and her family when disaster strikes in the form of a monster of a man called Thakral the Bahubali of Ghaziabad

Ashutosh Rana Ashutosh Rana
Thakral comes from that breed of people who have a pathological problem in understanding ethics and morality. He is extremely intelligent and totally debauch in his thinking. To him everyone is dispensable. Therefore he never hesitates to take advantage of people or situations even when things could go against him. Thakral wipes out the lives of several people without even a slight strain to his conscience. All because he believes he is the unchallenged lord�The Bahubali.
Sonali Kulkarni Sonali Kulkarni
Role: Sutradhar (Narrator)
Rachana's Mother the Narrator of Rachna�s story was a very calm natured female, very much like Mr. Mehta character. A mild sober personality, she was a classical singer and also held singing classes in her house. She loved white and pearl colors. She died in her late 20's in a road accident.
Vaquar Shaikh Vaquar Shaikh
Role:Diwakar Pandey
He is the SP of Ghaziabad area. Upright, serious and committed to his duty, nothing can corrupt Diwakar. He is seething with anger against the injustice in our society and does not hesitate to go all out against any wrong or wrong doer. Diwakar derives his moral strength and fearlessness from meditation. He is an introvert and never reveals his emotions to anyone. It is only through working on the Rachna case that he too evolves as a person, his tough exterior gets softened.
Swati Kapoor Swati Kapoor
A sweet, confident, outgoing innocent 16 yr old badminton player. She is restless, full of energy and zest, fun loving always the first to volunteer for any activity that spelt excitement. It was only her father who knew that Rachna�s somewhat extrovert and unsuspecting nature was to cover her grief for her dead mother, who had passed away when Rachna was 10 and she still had memories of her beautiful moments with cheerful mother.
Varunn Jain Varunn Jain
Gaurav Bajpai Gaurav Bajpai
Arif Zakaria Arif Zakaria
Rachana''s father
Vipra Rawal Vipra Rawal
Praneeta Sahu Praneeta Sahu
Thakral''s daughter
Akshay Anand Akshay Anand
Dimple Inamdar Dimple Inamdar
Neelu Kohli Neelu Kohli
Mrinal Kulkarni Mrinal Kulkarni
Role:Sushma Rai/Aditi Chaudary
Nia Sharma Nia Sharma
Anuj Thakur Anuj Thakur
Rishabh Sharma Rishabh Sharma Role:Rahul

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Kaali - Ek Punar Avatar
Sonali Nikam Sonali Nikam
Sayali Sayali is the only daughter of a renowned politician Rajkumar Tyagi and is born with silver spoon in a vast mansion. She has grown up under shadows of her powerful father, callous mother and hot headed brother. Sometimes she feels like a princess trapped inside a castle and has survived her life silently. She is heads over heels in love with Nimai.
Anshul Trivedi Anshul Trivedi
Nimai is a cheerful young and modern boy, who has his values and culture well grounded. He has lost his father at an early age and is supported solely by his mother. He is an IIM Graduate and has recently grabbed a good job. His dream is to look after his mother, naani and meet the wishes of his kid sister Pankhi. He shares a friendly bond with his naani and is in love with Sayali.
Mangal Kenkre Mangal Kenkre
Vaani is a passionate primary school teacher, who wants to make a difference to the life of younger generation. She teaches her students the virtues of morality, truthfulness, valour and duties of ideal citizen. She is the favourite teacher of every student and is always elated with joy and enthusiasm. Everyone respects her. She is a single mother and has taken care of her son and daughter after her husband�s death.
Arjun Bijlani Arjun Bijlani
Yashwant Singh Thakur Yashwant Singh Thakur
Role:Rajneesh Pathak
Sudhir Nimai
Role:Rajkumar Tyagi
Popularly known as Rajjan Bhaiya, Rajkumar Tyagi is the supreme godhead in state political realm of Lucknow. Although he is not literate, he is good at reading people and their emotions. His words are considered as law in the stately Tyagi Mansion. His whimsical nature and love for old songs and poetry is known by one and all
Aneri Vajani
Role: Paankhi
Paankhi is Vaani's only daughter. She is young, cheerful and a little immature and adores her Naani for her fearless approach towards life.. She is fond of her brother Nimai and for her he is the first guy to go whenever she needs anything. Paankhi enjoys teasing Vaani and tries her best to be like her.
Deepak Wadhwa Deepak Wadhwa
Role:Samar Rajkumar Tyagi
Samar is Rajkumar Tyagi's son and the first thing people would notice about Samar is his pride and prudence behaviour towards lower class people. He is known for his hot headed behaviour. He despises his sister for falling in love with Nimai. He is brought up under the powerful and protective blanket of Rajkumar Tyagi and obeys him completely.
Mridul Kumar
Role:Senior Inspector Deshraj Chauhan
Shafaq Khan Shafaq Khan Role:Nikhil

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