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Star Plus - Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki Season 1, 2

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki(KGGK)is the story of the Agarwal family and mainly revolves around the favourite bahu of the house, Parvati played by Saakshi Tanwar.

Pallavi Purohit Pallavi Purohit
Meeta Vasisht Meeta Vasisht
Panchi Bohra Panchi Bohra
Role:Prachi Mishra
Lily Patel Lily Patel
Role:Dadi / Rukmini Kedarnath Agarwal
Madhura Naik Madhura Naik
Charming girl who cares for others
Kavita Kaushik Kavita Kaushik
Tisca Chopra Tisca Chopra
Rupali Ganguly Rupali Ganguly
Role:Gayatri Gill
The biological daugter or Parvati and Om Agarwal, was switched at birth, was 'married' to sameer, but later was found it was shruti at the mandap as she had to deal with some important family matter. Has one son named 'chotu' who she had given to shruti and sameer but later aducted and given to Mayuri, when she came back to claim chotu, she was accidently killed.
Achint Kaur Achint Kaur
Role:Pallavi Agarwal
Mother of Krishna Agarwal, wife of Kamal Agarwal: Pallavi was to marry Ajay Agarwal but at the last minute married the youngest son Kamal Agarwal. She hated the wife of the oldest son Om Agarwal thinking everything that happened to her was due to her. Vowed to destroy parvati. However she was very loving towards Kamal's son Krishna. Her fate is currently unknown post leap
Ali Hassan Ali Hassan
Ali Asgar Ali Asgar
Role:Kamal Agarwal
The fourth son of Agarwal family, a school drop-out with a heart of gold, Kamal steps in to marry Pallavi when Ajay walks out on her and the family. He is labelled a dimwit, but he comes to the rescues of the family and often supports it. Kamal is also intensely unhappy in his marriage, since his wife does not love him. Kamal highly values his bhabhi Parvati Agarwal and supports her always in the battles to save their family from evil clutches.
Chetan Hansraj Chetan Hansraj
Sasha alongs with his sister and brothers come to Agarwal house to get hold of his dad's properties. He fall in love with Gun who apparently marries Krishna.
Tina Parekh Tina Parekh
Om and Parvati's darling daughter Shruti grew up to be the apple of everyone's eyes. With maturity beyond her years, she is fiercely loyal to her parents, so much so that even when she discovered that she was not their biological daughter, she continued to love her parents in the same way. She married Aryan Doshi against the will of her parents, only for that marriage to break down. She later married Sameer Kaul, and had a daughter Tannu, whom she gave to her sister-in-law Gunn out of fear of Sameer's reaction. After the leap, she is now mother to her sister's son Pranay, and still has unresolved issues towards her mother, whom she mistakenly considers to be her father's killer.
Mansi Verma Mansi Verma
Monlika is the daughter of Ajay and his wife, who had been brought by Pallavi to seek revenge from the Aggerwal family for Monlika's mom's imprisonment. Monalika did numerous acts to seprate Shruti from Aryan, however she soon came to know the truth and turned to the good side. She then got pregnant of Aryan's child and in order to save Shruti-Aryan's marriage, she did not tell shruti about it. However this character soon disappeared from the show.
Aamir Ali Malik Aamir Ali Malik
He essayed the role of Ex-Sameer(Shruti's Second Husband), who was going to marry Parvati's daugter Gaytri. He falls in love with Shruti the daughter whom Parvati had brought up.He marries Shruti later on.
Anup Soni Anup Soni
Role:Suyesh Mehra
A bussiness tycon, his life took a uturn when he fall in love with Parvati Agarwal. Parvati thinks that he is responsible for her husband Om Agarwal's death. He takes the blame as well. Later on its revealed he didnt do anything.
Saakshi Tanwar Saakshi Tanwar
Role:Parvati Agarwal
Married into a rich industrial family, Parvati is the ideal woman: the perfect wife, bahu, mother and bhabhi. She is the champion of the Agarwal family and the darling daughter-in-law. After her husband Om's death, Parvati undergoes many a trial at the hands of her loved ones, but her respect for them never wavers. In a crucial and shocking twist, Parvati's sister-in-law Trishna frames her for the murders of her husband Om and son Krishna, and Parvati's entire family turns against her and sends her to jail. 18 years later, she is back, with a new name and a new mission. Janki Devi is everything that Parvati lacked, and as Janki Devi (and with the help of her adopted mother Narayani Devi), Parvati resolves to bring justice to her husband's killers and teach her family a few lessons about trust and relationships along the way.
Kiran Karmarkar Kiran Karmarkar
Role:Om Agarwal
The eldest son of the Agarwal family, Om is the apple of everyone's eye. He and his wife Parvati are the modern-day equivalent to Ram and Sita, and they work very hard to keep their family intact and together. Om and Parvati's relationship withstands the test of time, even after he dies in what is initially thought to be an accident. It is later discovered that he was killed by his brother's wife and a business rival. Now Om lives on only in spirit, his family's memories, and in Parvati's devotion.
Aroona Irani Aroona Irani
Role:Narayani Devi
Narayani devi frees Parvatti from the prision and then helps her in her fight with wrong.
Shalini Chandran Shalini Chandran
She is Parvatti's accountant's daughter, part of the second generation leap.She is Pragatti & Pranay's childhood friend and Praggatti's best freind, She always had a softcorner for Pranay, she has her trials and tribulations but she gets engaged to Pranay.
Mahesh Kumar Mahesh Kumar
Role:Batuk Nath
Dadi Bua's son. He came all the way to Mumbai so that he can Marry pragatti who is half his age and live a lavish life, but table turns against him when Parvatii and Kamal make him marry to a lady who is 15years older to him.
Jatin Shah Jatin Shah
Role:Vikram Aditya Mehra(Adi)
Adi is Suyash Mehra's grandson and son of Shikhar and Mayuri. He has got loads of attitude but at the same time he is also a very loving and doting son and a grandson. Adi is not too fond of Pranay but doesn't say anything to him because of Maithili, whom he considers a very good friend.
Poonam Joshi Poonam Joshi
Chaaya's illegitimate daughter.
Sachin Sharma Sachin Sharma
He is son of Pallavi. He is married to Gunn. He had pawned his newly wed wife Gunn in a game of cards and that Gunn had to spend the night with Sasha who wins the game. Krishna has been the homely and sober, he is a very family oriented guy, who could be a bit serious at times.
Rinku Karmarkar Rinku Karmarkar
Chhaya is sister of Om. She played a negative character in the serial.
Deepak Qazir Kejriwal Deepak Qazir Kejriwal
He was the head of the family. He loved his family and always tried to give happiness to his family.
Kiran Karmarkar Kiran Karmarkar
He Is Look A like Of Om Aggrawal Who Had Saved Parvati From The Lake where She Had Falllen Into The Water.
Shabbir Ahluwalia Shabbir Ahluwalia
He is Swati Dixit's Nephew Who Along With Sandeep & Others Helped Parvati To Collect Evidence Against Sanjay Doshi.
Ali Mercchant Ali Mercchant
Role:Bharat Agrawal
Grandson of Parvati Agrawal
Raj Singh Arora Raj Singh Arora
Role:Ashutosh Mehra
Son of Suyesh Mehra who dotes on Parvati. He is a CBI officer by Proffesion.
Mohnish Behl Mohnish Behl
Role:Suyash Mehra
Paravati had married Suyash Mehra to gain 60% of his properties.later Parvati admits that the marriage was fake.
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