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Star Plus - Kayamath Season 1, 2

Kayamath is a story about changing relationships and of everlasting Love. Kayamath's story centers around Praachi - a simple girl with dreams in her eyes. Praachi believes in fairy tale romances and awaits her Prince Charming. In a world full of smart, confident and intelligent women Praachi comes across as a vulnerable and docile character. She is a young sheltered girl who has never seen any struggle in her life. Praachi draws her strength from her father Inder Goenka and her childhood sweetheart Neev and is completely dependent on them.
Praachi and Neev are childhood friends, they love each other, but don't know about each other's feelings. Praachi's life is completely transformed when on the day she is to get married to Neev, her father dies. As if the death of her father wasn't enough to shatter her dreams, she also learns of her father's illegitimate relationship with another woman and his other daughter Ayesha. Circumstances change her life. The show is about Praachi's love and her life. Her life where she losses her most loved ones and her sacrifice for her loved ones...

Panchi Bohra Panchi Bohra
Role:Praachi Inder Shah
Praachi is played by Panchi Bohra. Panchi was Balaji Telefilms find, through a talent hunt. Praachi an innocent, lovable, introvert girl has always lead a sheltered life. A very docile, vulnerable, person Praachi cannot see anyone in pain, she always tries to help out. As a child she had once got lost in a very crowded place, that incident left a permanent scar on her mind, she still avoids going to crowded places. Her pillar of strength is her father and her childhood best friend Neev. For her life is all about love and believes that one day her Prince Charming will come and take her away. As the story paces, she realises that she had always loved Neev, they both admit their feelings for each other. But after her father's death , suffering financial loss,she decides to go away from Neev. She pretends to change and be come a totally money minded person in front of Neev and breaks his heart, which leads the bond between them get weaker and Neev ties knot with Aayesha!!
Jay Bhanushali Jay Bhanushali
Role:Neev Shergil
Neev is played by Jay Bhanushali. Jay has been featured in a few Ads, but makes his debut on TV as an actor with Kayamath. Neev is a very practical, straight forward and spontaneous boy. A Casanova at heart Neev lives each day as it comes. He is very possessive about his family and friends. He treasures his friendship with Praachi. Neev does not know what love is and cannot understand how Prachi can believe in it so strongly. However as the story goes, Neev realises that he is in love with Prachi. They share some romantic moments, but their happiness doesnot last for long! After the death of her father, Praachi pretends to turn a new leaf in front of Neev, and forces him to marry her step sister Ayesha!!
Shabbir Ahluwalia Shabbir Ahluwalia
Role:Milind Mishra
He Is Sukruti's Brother & Praachi's Friend Who Was Helping Her To Find Her Father's Killer. He Married Praachi To Take Revenge From Ayesha.
Anita Hassanandani Anita Hassanandani
Azaan Rustam Shah Azaan Rustam Shah
Role:Sumontro Mishra
Alok Narula Alok Narula
Role:Saket Shergill
Madhura Naik Madhura Naik
Used Prachi for property, hated Ayesha
Mohnish Behl Mohnish Behl
Role:Inder shah
father of prachi shah
Anu Sinha Anu Sinha
Neev's Girl-Friend.She likes Neev a lot !!Neev Proposed her on his best friend Prachi's birthday. Later on he realises that he loves her best friend
Ayushmann Khurrana Ayushmann Khurrana
Role:Ex-Saket Shergill
Gaurav Chaudhary Gaurav Chaudhary
Role:Proteek Dasgupta
Sanjeeda Shaikh Sanjeeda Shaikh
Inder's and amrita daughter, who was brought up in a chawl by her mother. Amrita brought her up. She becomes friends with Prachi ,and later on its revealed that Prachi and Ayesha are step sisters. After Inder's death, circumstances make Ayesha think that Prachi is plotting against her. She takes revenge and becomes successful. She marries Neev just to take revenge from Prachi.
S M Zaheer S M Zaheer
Bharat Arora Bharat Arora
Role:Alaap Shah
Alaap Shah is prachi brother.
Prachee Shah Pandya Prachee Shah Pandya
She is the wife of Inder Shah and mother of Prachi
Reshmi Ghosh Reshmi Ghosh
Ronit Bose Roy Ronit Bose Roy
Role:Inder Shah
Inder Shah is prachi father.
Eijaz Khan Eijaz Khan
He was a cameo in the show who came to marry Prachi, initially he was thought to be a idiol guy but later on it was revealed that he was allready married to Swati, However just before his marriage took place with Swati he was exposed, However he loved his wife Swati a lot, and whatever he did was on someone's orders as Prachi's father was not just to someone in his past.

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