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Star Plus - Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil Season 1, 2

This story is about two friends Balraaj Maan and Lalit Juneja who used to stay together in Ambala-Punjab. This story is about their children Heer and Prem who fall in love. 20 years ago, Lalit after loosing his first wife Shipra marries Gayatri and goes to UK to get settle. Before leaving for UK Lalit assures Balraj that he will get Prem marry his daughter Heer. Since last 20 years Balraj and his wife Teji along with two daughters are waiting for Lalit to come back and take Heer as their daughter� in�law.

Harshad Chopra Harshad Chopra
Role:Prem Juneja
He is a son that every parent wants. He is respectful, hard-working and a successful businessman. He is also the type of brother that every youngster wants. He loves his brothers and sisters too much. His family means everything to him. People could say that he has everything, but what he does not have is what everybody does not know. He has always had the dream of meeting his true love. He is positive that there is somebody out there made only for him, a person who waits for him. How he finds his true love is in the story itself.
Additi Gupta Additi Gupta
Role:Heer Maan
A lawyer by profession, Heer is a very shy and quite girl. Her family means everything to her, and she loves Prem since childhood. Her wedding was fixed with Prem when they were children and since then, Heer considers Prem her love and her life.
Tasneem Sheikh Tasneem Sheikh
Role:Daljit Maan
Plays Daljit Maan main antagonist
Mihika Verma Mihika Verma
Role:Ashlesha Maan
Plays Ashlesha Maan as Daljits youngest daughter
Sushant Singh Rajput Sushant Singh Rajput
Role:Preet Juneja
He is very versatile. He is a Happy-go-lucky guy who loves to play jokes, hang around but at the same time, is very caring towards his family especially Prem. Preet is fun loving, heart of the family and a lawyer and a rebel by profession.
Meher Vij Meher Vij "Vaishali Sachdev"
Role:Meher Maan/Juneha
Heers younger sister. She is like Heer, exact copy, but she is more outgoing, fun loving, and can answer anyone back. She is also acting as cupid between Premeer.
Manoj Chandila Manoj Chandila
Role:Harman Juneja
He is Prem's younger brother, and has shades of grey. He falls in love with, and wants to marry Maya, who doesn't like Heer. He then falls in love with Meher, but is coerced into marriage with Maya by her father, and this is the reason that Preet and Meher are married.
Tabrez Khan Tabrez Khan
Deepak Qazir Kejriwal Deepak Qazir Kejriwal
Role:Lalit Juneja
Lalit Juneja as Prem's father
Manav Vij Manav Vij
Plays Kiran as Kulraaj's husband
Jay Bhanushali Jay Bhanushali
Muskaan Uppal Muskaan Uppal
Prem & Heers Daughter
Nidhi Tikoo Nidhi Tikoo
Kulraaj (Eldest Child of Lalit Juneja) She is sweet and simple. She is Prem's elder sister who is married and has 2 kids. Her family and her kids mean everything to her. At one time she played cupid between Premeer getting them engaged.
Madhura Naik Madhura Naik
She is someone who could do anything for money. Someone who could risk someone else's life to save her own. She runs away when she sees Harman in trouble but somehow pressues him back.
Vishal Singh Vishal Singh
Role:Vishal Singh
Azaan Rustam Shah Azaan Rustam Shah
Virendra Saxena Virendra Saxena
Role:Balraj Mann
Balraaj is very much like Anupan Kher from the film Bride and Prejudice. He takes immense pride in his daughters and has thought them to always keep their head held high. He is a farmer and has petrol pumps as well. They are very modern cum routed family.
Vishal Thakkar Vishal Thakkar
Role:Shourya Rampal (Dheer)
He came as Lalit's saviour but later we find out that he is actually Rishabh Rampal's brother
Jannatpreet Kaur Jannatpreet Kaur
Role:Young Heer Maan
Ranjeev Verma Ranjeev Verma
Role:Balwant Mann
He is Balraj's younger brother. He is evil, and can do anything for property. He is married to Daljeet.
Avinash Sachdev Avinash Sachdev
Manmeet / Prashant (Manmeet is Heer's Ex Fiance & Prashant is Married to Daljeet's Eldest Daughter)
Meenal Pendse
Ashpreet (Manmeet's Mother)
Ekta Sharma Ekta Sharma
Preeto (Manmeet's Sister)
Tanaaz Currim Irani Tanaaz Currim Irani
Kuljeet (Daljeet's Sister)
Shama Deshpande Shama Deshpande
Role:Gayatri Juneja
She is Lalit's 2nd wife and Prem and Kulraaj's step mother. Gayatri maybe Prem and Kulraaj's stepmother but loves Prem more than any other child. She agrees to everything Lalit says in order to make her family happy but at the same moment believes in asking her children for thier opinion. She is an ideal mother, wife, and bahu.
Krystle Dsouza Krystle Dsouza
Role:Veera Juneja Maan
She is the youngest sister of Prem. She is very arrogant and doesn't like anyone interfering in her life. She is not very fond of Heer and Meher.Married to Heer's older brother, Nihal Maan
Manoj Manoj
Role:Harman Juneja
Harman is Lalit and Gayatri's son and the 2nd eldest son of the family. Harman is a total business freak and believes in always winning.
Jai Kalra Jai Kalra
Role:Rishabh Rampal
He pretended to be in love with Veera and support Juneja's in their time of crises but his true colour was shown to everyone by Heer and now he is blackmailing Heer into marrying him.
Apara Mehta Apara Mehta
Rishabh Rampal's and Shaurya's mom who is supporting RR and trying to get Veera married to RR.
Bhavna Khatri Bhavna Khatri
Role:Kulraaj Juneja
She is sweet and simple. She is Prem's elder sister who is married and has 2 kids. Her family and her kids mean everything to her. At one time she played cupid between Premeer getting them engaged.
Dev Keswani Dev Keswani
Role:Shourya Rampal
Shourya Rampal (Dheer) (Rishabh Rampal's Brother)
Sanjeeda Shaikh Sanjeeda Shaikh
She was Meet's love and due to her getting married to someone else, Mahi and Meet run away and commit suicide.
Aamir Ali Malik Aamir Ali Malik
He was in love with Mahi and due to certain circumastances Mahi and him commited suicide.
Dimple Jhangiani Dimple Jhangiani
She is Prem's old friend and now dead.
Rupa Ganguly Rupa Ganguly
Role:Teji Maan
Plays Teji Maan as Heer's mother, Dead
Sudha Shivpuri Sudha Shivpuri
Role:Sharaswati devi
Sharaswati devi as Chachiji Of Daljit's husband
Sadhna Singh Sadhna Singh
Role:Teji Mann
She is Balraj's wife, and a mother to Heer & Meher. She loves her husband, daughters and family alot. She is always there to support them, and make them understand. she and Balraj die, on the way back to Amala, with a bus accident.
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