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Star Plus - Kumkum-Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan Season 1, 2

'Kumkum - Pyara Sa Bandhan' deals with a nice healthy relationship between a husband (Sumit Wadhwa - Hussain Kuwajerwala) and wife (Kumkum Wadhwa - Juhi Parmar); the highs and lows of familial bonds, the changes that relationships undergo and how they affect and alter equations in the family.

Hussain Kuwajerwala Hussain Kuwajerwala
Role:Sumit Wadhwa
He plays the luving and caring husband to Kumkum. He is very devoted and hard working. He knows there is nothing that can come between his relationship with Kumkum. Sumit loves his family and is willing to sacrifice his happiness and his life for the sake of his loved ones. He is a perfect son, a perfect husband and a perfect father. Sumit's character has won many awards like The Best Deevar 2003, The Best Pati 2004, The Best Pati 2005, The Best Pati 2006 and The Best Bhai 2006 in the Star Pariwar Awards.
Juhi Parmar Shroff Juhi Parmar Shroff
Role:Kumkum Wadhwa
Kumkum Wadhwa played by Juhi Parmar
Arun Bali Arun Bali
Role:Harsh Wardan Wadhwa
He is the fun-loving grandfather of Sumit Wadhwa. Though old by age he is very young at heart and loves pulling his wife's, Rajeshwari Wadhwa, leg. He shares a very special bond with Kumkum, his grand-daughter-in-law. He is now retired from the world of business and spends his time at home. Though diabetic he has a sweet tooth, and if dadi does not keep a watch on him he will be found stealing some of his favourite kheer and eating it.
Surendra Pal Surendra Pal
He is the father of kumkum.
Hiten Tejwani Hiten Tejwani
Role:Ranbir Singh
Faisal Raza Khan Faisal Raza Khan
Role:Sarjan Singh
Prabha Sinha Prabha Sinha
Role:Veena Wadhwa
Veena Wadhwa is sumit mother.
Ajay Chaudhary Ajay Chaudhary
Hasan Zaidi Hasan Zaidi
Role:Ratan Raichand
Ratan Raichand, the cousin brother of Sumeet. His mother has an objective in life and wants to get a hold on the money and property; Ratan being the mama�s boy will do whatever his mom asks him to do!
Gaurav Khanna Gaurav Khanna
Role:Ex - Sharman Wadhwa
Wadhwa Sharman Wadhwa as he proudly calls himself, is Sumit & Kumkum's son. He is Aashka's twin brother. He is a fun loving boy and is loved by the whole family
Shweta Kawatra Shweta Kawatra
Nevi as she is nick-named, plays Kumkum's best friend from college. She is married to Rakesh, who is a cheat and was already married to Mishri.
Mihir Mishra Mihir Mishra
Role:Dr. Vikram
He plays Dr. Vikram, Aashka's husband. Vikram was treating Sumit's brain cancer. Aashka had been raped and was pregnant. When Sumit found out about this he was not willin to get his operation done because he didnt want to risk his life at the point of time. He wanted to get Aashka married before loosing his life so Aashka married Dr. Vikram, just to save Sumit's life. The marriage is still on and the family still doesnt know that it was a fake marriage.
Rita Bhaduri Rita Bhaduri
Rajjo jee as sharman calls her is very caring and loving. She wants to keep Sumit and Kumkum away from all evils. She alwayz supports them.
Niyati Joshi Niyati Joshi
Role:Aashka Wadhwa
She plays Sumit & Kumkum's daughter. She is Sharman's twin. Aashka is very docile and a replica of her mother, Kumkum. She loves Sumit more than anything else and married Dr. Vikram just to save Sumit's life.
Megha Aditya Shroff Megha Aditya Shroff
She is Sharman's girlfriend, a sweet, homely girl. She is perfect to be Kumkum & Sumits daughter-in-law. She is caring and she knows well the importance of money. She is a dance teacher by profession. She teaches dance to children at home.
Sonia Singh Sonia Singh
She is Dhruv's wife. She is a lawyer by profession. She was taking revenge on Kumkum, for insulting her. Soon she was caught by the family and was finally sent to jail.
Vivan Bhathena Vivan Bhathena
Role:Dhruv Wadhwa
He is Jatin & Kumkum's son but he has alwayz seen Sumit as his father and he loves Sumit like his father. He is chirpy and a replica of his father, Sumit. He handles the family business with Sumit.
Alka Kaushal Alka Kaushal
She is also living in the wadhwa house. She is separated from her husband Hemant, who still works for the Wadhwa Group of Companies. Sukanya is the quintessential troublemaker and finds herself closer to Brij than others in the family. She has 2 daughters..
Sayantani Ghosh Sayantani Ghosh
Role:Ex - Antara
Antara is the girl Dhruv loves. She has a father with whom she doesn�t live because of some indifferences. She has never seen a joint family and is unsure whether she would be able to adjust to it. But once she sees the Wadhwa family her perception changes dramatically.Though there are some problems in the beginning she eventually gets married to Dhruv and goes with him to a village where she takes up a job of a school teacher.
Gautam Chaturvedi Gautam Chaturvedi
Role:Akash Patel
Harsh Wadhwa treated him as his son, he was also Sukaniyas ex-boyfriend.. he had left her a few days before their wedding and just a sum time back he returned.. he was about to die.. wanted Sukaniya to forgive him.. and she did.. them he gave all his property and business to Sumit n died..
Anang Desai Anang Desai
Role:Ashwin Vanjera
Ashwin Vanjera is playing a scheming lawyer, the serial which recently took a 20 year generation jump will see Vanjera engaging in a court battle with the protagonist Wadhwa family. Interestingly, Vanjera will use the Wadhwa grand daughter-in-law, Antara against her own family.
Amit Khanna Amit Khanna
Role:Sharman Wadhwa
Wadhwa Sharman Wadhwa as he proudly calls himself, is Sumit & Kumkum's son. He is Aashka's twin brother. He is a fun loving boy and is loved by the whole family and is in love with Neeti.
Addite Shirwakar Malik Addite Shirwakar Malik
Minni is kumkum cousin sister.
Anuj Saxena Anuj Saxena
Role:Karan Kapoor
He is Jatin Wadhwa's lookalike. He plays a rich businessman in kumkum.
Kavita Kaushik Kavita Kaushik
plays Rahul Wadhwa's wife
Harsh Vasishta Harsh Vasishta
Role:Rahul Wadhwa
He is Brijbhusan only son. Rahul has a conflict with his father as he agrees with the values his grand parents believe in and doesn't see eye to eye with his errant father. He is elder than Sumit.
Tasneem Sheikh Tasneem Sheikh
She is an arrogant, rich girl.. She was in college with Sumit.. and was in love with him... later when sumit married kumkum, renuka became the lead vamp of the serial.. tried to do as much she could to separate kumkum and sumit.. but everytime lost it.. Right now she is in jail for trying to kill kumkum..
Sameer Soni Sameer Soni
Role:Yash Thakur
He plays the lawyer who is a looser actually.. he helps kumkum win back her luv
Kabir Sadanand Kabir Sadanand
Role:Salil Patel
is basically revenging the Wadhwa Family while they takin him as a family member
Rushad Rana Rushad Rana
Role:Dr. Rohit
played kumkum'z frnd n he treated her when she had brain tumour
Ami Trivedi Ami Trivedi
plays the village gurl who livez with the Wadhwa family
Surbhi Tiwari Surbhi Tiwari
Role:Abha Chauhan
plays Abhay Chauhan's sister who first came to revenge Wadhwa family but later became gud frndz with Sumit and Kumkum
Aman Yatan Verma Aman Yatan Verma
Role:Abhay Chauhan
he is Chandas boyfriend.. He thinks kumkum is chanda.. he did every possible thing to get kumkum.. took over the Wadhwa Empire.. and the family went bankrupt... Right now he is also in jail...
Anuj Saxena Anuj Saxena
Role:Jatin Wadhwa
he had worked in Kumkum for the initial 40 episodes. he played kumkum'z first husband who died due to brain tumour
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