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Star Plus - Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Season 1, 2

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi(KSBKBT)is the story of the Virani household, their trials and tribulations in life. The ideal Bahu Tulsi is one of the central characters in this serial, played by the very famous Smriti Irani. This serial still remains top of the charts even after completing its 5th year of running.

Smriti Zubin  Irani Smriti Zubin Irani
Role:Tulsi Virani
Born to a poor pujari and married into a rich household, Tulsi is the clever, intelligent and sensitive bahu stuck with the scheming Savita for a mother-in-law. Tulsi's dad was in charge of the Virani ancestral temple, and she has been a regular at the Virani home even before her marriage to Mihir. She's the agony aunt everyone runs to, the epitome of the perfect bahu and a model wife. Tulsi's cause is championing the underdog.
Ronit Bose Roy Ronit Bose Roy
Role:Mihir Virani (2004-2005)
The eldest grandson of the family, Mihir is Savita and Mansukh's elder son. This MBA is the apple of Savita's eye - and the bone of contention between Savita and Tulsi. Mihir is an honest, down-to-earth, hardworking individual who believes in sweating it out and building from scratch. His emotional anchor is Tulsi, the woman he married, despite parental disapproval.
Amar Upadhyay Amar Upadhyay
Role:Ex:Mihir Virani
Savita's Son, Who falls in Love with his best Friend Tulsi on the day he is supposed to get married to Payal
Apara Mehta Apara Mehta
Role:Savita Virani
She was intially a mother in law who left no tables unturned for her daughter in law. However, soon she became Tulsi's mother, friend and support in life.
Inder Kumar Inder Kumar
Role:Mihir Virani
Inder played Mihir who is Tulsi's Husband.
Anita Hassanandani Anita Hassanandani
Hussain Kuwajerwala Hussain Kuwajerwala
Role:Chirag Virani
Chirag is the helpful devar to Tulsi. He is a film actor, who has no time for his family. He is mostly busy in his work and so his wife feels neglected
Jiten Lalwani Jiten Lalwani
Role:Kiran Virani
He is the grandson of Baa and son of Mansuk Virani and Savita Virani. He was married to Aarti. He has a daughter Karishma.
Eva Grover Eva Grover
Role: Aarti Patel Virani (Ex)
She played the wife of Kiran Virani
Rushali Arora Rushali Arora
Role:Aarti Kiran Virani
Aarti Patel (Kiran) Virani
Amit Mistry
Role:Chirag Virani
Chirag (Himmat) Virani
Romanchak Arora Romanchak Arora
Role:Anand Gandhi
Prashant Bhatt Prashant Bhatt
Rakesh Paul Rakesh Paul
Role:Vikram (Naveen) Sanghvi
Kiran Dubey Kiran Dubey
Narendra Jha Narendra Jha
Role:Shantanu Dey
Rakshandha Khan Rakshandha Khan
Tanya was a good friend of Karan and Nandani. She got married to Karan when Nandani was in jail and Bhumi was a kid. Now they also have a son Manthan.
Sumeet Sachdev Sumeet Sachdev
Role:Gautam Virani
Gautam is Mihir and Tulsi first-born. Adopted by Kiran and Aarti, Gautam has left with them when he was very young and the Viranis have had no news of him for a long time. Gautam does return to the life of the Viranis - as a spoilt, young man with little regard for things Indian or for the Viranis
Hasan Zaidi Hasan Zaidi
Role:Aditya Rai Singhania
Aditya Rai Singhania, a lawyer by profession who was presumed to be the long-lost son of Karan-Nandini.
Shakti Singh
Role:Mansukh Virani
Utkarsha Naik Utkarsha Naik
Role:Pragya Naveen Sanghvi
Pragya (Govardhan) Virani (Naveen) Sanghvi
Chetan Hansraj Chetan Hansraj
Role:(Inspector) Mansingh Chauhan
Maansingh Chauhan played an inspector. He was looking the case of Viranis. He tells Viranis that Gujrals body has been sent for post mortem. He says that the way he was murdered there was no chance of his survival. He says that he was destined to have such a painful death. Mansingh tells the Viranis that they must have slept in peace last night since Gujral was no more.
Kamalika Guha Thakurta Kamalika Guha Thakurta
Role:Gayatri Virani
She is wife of JD and is know as Gayatri Chachi.
Karishma Tanna Karishma Tanna
Indira'Indu'Gandhi is daughter of Sejal and Anand Gandhi. She shares all her feelings with Baa.
Amit Sareen Amit Sareen
Role:Ex - Sahil Virani
Ganga's perfect husband.
Aman Yatan Verma Aman Yatan Verma
Role:Anupam Kapadia
Anupam Kapadia is the mysterious business associate Mihir has never let. He meets the Viranis for the first time after Mihir's supposed death. Anupam falls in love with Tulsi and they are close to getting married, when Mihir reappears - exactly at the venue of their wedding. Anupam then distances himself from Tulsi, but continues being a good business associate of the Viranis. He later marries Kesar, Tulsi's sister.
Riva Bubber Riva Bubber
Damini is married to Gautam Virani. She was playing a positive role but latter she wanted Tuli out of the house. So she started to plan against Tulsi with Tannya and Tripthi to make her out of the house. They tried a lot but can not make her out of Shantiniketan.
Pooja Ghai Rawal Pooja Ghai Rawal
Role:Suhasi Virani
Daughter of Daksha and Himmat, sister of Chirag Virani, daughter of the Virani Parivaar
Hiten Tejwani Hiten Tejwani
Role:Karan Virani
Mihir's illicit son with Mandira. Karan was married to Nandani and had a daughter Bhumi but when Nandani was in jail he married Tannya.
Achint Kaur Achint Kaur
Entered as a doctor who cured mihir and at the same time fell in love with him. After finding out he was married seduced him and tricked him. She and Mihir had one son Karan whom later in his life lived with Mihir's wife Tulsi. Has vowed to bring Tulsi down and destory her house, Shanti niketan
Jaya Bhattacharya Jaya Bhattacharya
Role:Payal Mehra
The hotty and vengeance seeking Samdhi of Virani Family.
Gauri Pradhan Tejwani Gauri Pradhan Tejwani
Role:Nandini Virani
Karan Virani's wife, bahu of Virani Family.
Tuhinaa Vohra Tuhinaa Vohra
Role:Prajakta Virani
Tuhinaa Vohrra plays Chirag�s (Hussain) wife Prajakta. She is playing a positive character. She helped Tulsi in her new business.
Khyaati Khandke Keswani Khyaati Khandke Keswani
Role:Sejal Gandhi
She is daughter of JD and Gayatri.She is married to Anand Gandhi and her daughter is Indu Gandhi. She is having a grey shade in her character of Sejal.
Mehul Kajaria Mehul Kajaria
Role:Harsh Virani
He is son of Mihir and Tulsi Virani. He is married to Mohini. He had an accident and was badly injured. Doctors said that he will not be able to walk any more. He was very depressed knowing that he can not walk but then he used his wheel chair to move.
Ritu Chaudhary Ritu Chaudhary
She is daughter of Mihir and tulsi. She is Tulsi's obedient daughter. Shobha was married to Vishal but he died, so she was married to Abhishek. She had 2 kids. Pushkar and Pari.
Rohit Bakshi Rohit Bakshi
Role:Vishal Pratap Mehra
He was the only son of Payal. He was married to Shobha. Rohit Bakshi played a small role as he was killed but some people.
Suvarna Jha Suvarna Jha
She played Tripthi. She was married to Sahil. She have 3 kids Nakul, Lakshya and Joydeep. Her character is having a grey shade, she did not like Tulsi and wants her out of the house. She is always think of plans with Tanya and Damini against Tulsi but never get success.
Amita Chandekar Amita Chandekar
Role: Sawari
She is daughter of Chirag and Prajakta. She loved Abhir and she told it to Bhumi. Knowing this Bhumi loved Abhir and Sawari's heart was broken.
Rahoul Lohani Rahoul Lohani
Mayank is son of Gautham and Dhamini. He is mentally ill so her mother take more care of him.
Pulkit Samrat Pulkit Samrat
Role:Lakshya Virani
He play the role of Lakshya, son of Sahil and Thripti. He loved Krishna Tulsi better know KT, but KT was married to Eklavya. He was very depressed so his parents wanted to get him married, but the married didn't took place. He is now helping her grandmother in her new business.
Manav Vij Manav Vij
Joydeep is son of Sahil and Thripti. He loved Bhumi and got married to her but Bhumi didn't loved him. Now Joydeep is showing that he don't love her and is behaving differently.
Vikas Sethi Vikas Sethi
Role: Abhir
Abhir played a evil character. Sawari and Bhumi both loved him but he acted that he loved Bhumi and was ready to get married to her but at the end time he ignored and didn't came to the marriage place. He finally got married to Archita.
Shubhaavi K. Shubhaavi K.
Role:Meera Singhania
Meera played a lawyer for Virani family. As time passed she fall in love with Mihir Virani and she wanted to marry him. But she has to leave the place as everyone come to know about her evil works.
Makarand Deshpande Makarand Deshpande
Role:Vijay Saxena
Vijay Saxena played a lawyer who helped Virani family from lots of trouble. He was also a good adviser and friend to Karan Virani.
Narayani Shastri Narayani Shastri
Kesar is Tulsi's sister who got married to Anupam Kapadia.
Salil Acharya Salil Acharya
Role:Billy Thakral
Billy Thakral is a very flamboyant and stylish guy. He is son of Mr. Thakaral who is a big industrialist.
Chinky Jaiswal Chinky Jaiswal
Bhumi is daughter of Aansh and Nandani. She is very sweet and bubbly girl.
Garima Bhatnagar Garima Bhatnagar
Pari is Shobha's(Ritu Choudary) daughter. She comes from Delhi to attend her grandfather Mihir's (Ronit Roy) wedding.
Shabbir Ahluwalia Shabbir Ahluwalia
Role:Aniket Virani
Aniketh is the son of Rakesh and step son of Suhasi. He also have a brother Tushar.
Ravee Gupta Ravee Gupta
Role:Damini Virani
Damini was married to Gautam Virani. They have 3 children Mayank, Nakhul and Eklavya. Mayank and Nakul both are twins. Nakul was adopted by Sahil and Ganga.
Jitendra Trehan Jitendra Trehan
Role:Himmat Virani
Himmat Virani is the son of Govardan Virani and Amba Virani. He has 2 brother Manuskh Virani and JD Virani, and 1 sister Pragya. He is married to Daksha. He has 2 children Suhasi and Chirag Virani.
Manoje Biddvai Manoje Biddvai
Role:Ex - Abhir
Abir played a evil character in the show. He only wanted the money of Virani family.
Suhasini Mulay Suhasini Mulay
Role:Kaushalya Malhotra
Kaushalya did a comedy role. She was playing mother to Tanya, She was seen in 20 episodes, but it was a blast.
Vishal Puri Vishal Puri
Role:Raj Bhasin
Raj bhasin was kesar's friend in Haridwar. He used to like Kesar & Kesar loved Anupan and got married to him. So Raj Bhasin raped Kesar, and Harsh is the son of Kesar & Raj Bhasin. Raj came mistaked and took Tulsi's son Ansh. Raj sold Ansh to Gujral. He came back to blackmail Tulsi's sister that he would tell her husband and he wanted money. But he went into a coma.
Chaitanya Chowdhury Chaitanya Chowdhury
He was the guy that Indu liked, loved and Savari Bavari used to help her at the jogging park to see and talk with him. Then Baa finds out and she talks about his rishta because Kabir's parents are close with Virani family. Though Kabir announces that he loves someone else though because she is a different caste he is scared of saying it. Then Indu says no to the marry him.
Hansika Motwani Hansika Motwani
Role:Bavri Virani
Bavri is daughter of Chirag and Prajakta.
Nasir Kazi Nasir Kazi
Abhishek was friend of Vishal, He was also Vishal's bussiness partner.
Abhijit Khurana Abhijit Khurana
Son of Gayatri and Himmat
Akashdeep Saigal Akashdeep Saigal
Role:Ansh Virani/ Ansh Gujral
Wicked, Evil, the real son of Tulsi and Mihir, brought up by Aditya Gujral, he is the proverbial rebel in the family. He was in love with Nandani. As his crimes were increasing day by day Tulsi killed him as there was no other way to stop him from doing wrong.
Mandira Bedi Mandira Bedi
Role:Dr. Mandira Kapadia
The doctor who saves Mihir Virani's life but later becomes a huge problem.
Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri
Role:Ganga Virani
Ganga gets married to Gautam, later on she knows Gautam doesnt her love her but someone else. She is forced to leave the house by Gautam. Later falls in love with Saahil and get married to him on her own wishes.
Shakti Anand Shakti Anand
Role:Hemant Virani
Hemant is the soft-spoken, shy son of JD and Gayatri. In contrast to his sister Sejal, Hemant is a man with his shoulders firmly on his head. He has a role model in Mihir and hopes to help carry on the family business. He is the father of Sahil Virani
Amit Tandon Amit Tandon
Son of Karan and Tanya..
Mouni Roy Mouni Roy
Role:Krishna Tulsi (KT)
Krishna Tulsi is better know as KT. Tulsi treated her as her daughter. She loved Lakshay but got married to Eklavya.
Reshmi Ghosh Reshmi Ghosh
Daughter of Ansh and Nandini. Bhumi loved Abhir and was going to get married to her but Abhir did not came to the marriage place. So she was married to Joydeep but still she had relation with Abhir.
Naman Shaw Naman Shaw
Role:Nakul Virani
Nakul is a Damini and Gautam son. But One day when Damini was pregnant, she was coming downstair for godhbarai and her leg slip on the stair and she was goona fall but Ganga stop her. but then Ganga felt Down from Stair. and they take Ganga to the hospital and say that we are sorry we could not save the Baby. Then One day Damini had a Twins Son Name Nakul and Mayank. Damini couldn't see Gangas sorrow so she decide to gave her one of the son to Ganga. but Gautam was not happy about it. But still Damini gave her one of the son to Ganga. So now he is adopted By Ganga and Sahil. Nakul is older then Mayank.
Sandeep Baswana Sandeep Baswana
Son of Hemant and Puja. Father of Lakshya and Nakul. Sahil was married to Ganga but now he is married to Tripthi.
Gunjan Vijaya Gunjan Vijaya
Role:Archita Virani
Archita, is the daughter of Harsh and Mohini, a young girl whom everyone in the family loves. She is to some extent like Indu, but more mature and childish at the same time. She is fond of eklavya as he is her big brother who cares for her very much. She and KrishnaTulsi become good friends. Mohini is sad that her daughter has not become a scheming gold-digger like her. Rather, she has become the perfect Virani daughter, much like tulsi's daughter Shobha was.
Akashdeep Saigal Akashdeep Saigal
Role:Eklavya Virani
Ansh Virani's Son from his first wife.He has no evil traits of his father. Eklavya is a goodhearted guy, who respects his elders.
Ashlesha Savant Ashlesha Savant
Gaumzi's first wife, Gaumzi fall in love with her and got married to her. She dies in an accident...
Vivan Bhathena Vivan Bhathena
He played the character of Abhishek, Shobha's husband Vishal's bussiness partner and Ansh's partner in crime. When Shobha's husband Vishal Died he tied knot with her.
Prachee Shah Pandya Prachee Shah Pandya
Role:Pooja Virani
Pooja is Hemant's one-time girlfriend. When his sister becomes pregnant, to uphold the family honour of the Viranis, Pooja gets married to her boss - a man who holds the keys to Hemant's sister's happiness. Somewhere down the line, she falls in love with Rajeev - the man she was blackmailed into marrying. Their wedded bliss is, however, short-lived. Rajeev dies of bone cancer and Pooja is left all alone. She and Hemant then get married. She was Tulsi's Sister - In -Law in the show.
Ram Kapoor Ram Kapoor
Role:J R Thakral
He is an Eccentric Business Tycon.
Gautami Kapoor Gautami Kapoor
Gautami Kapoor a lady with an infectious charm, laughs a lot, talks really fast Gautami Kapoor and is self-righteous of her creative choices. She is playing the role of Tulsi, one the most iconic characters in the history of Indian television `Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi'.
Tasneem Sheikh Tasneem Sheikh
Role:Mohini Virani
She plays Mohini Virani wife of Harsh Virani.
Gautami Kapoor Gautami Kapoor
Role:Gautami Kapoor
She was a participant in Nach Baleye, and was performing as a couple with Ram Kapoor.
Sudhir Dalvi Sudhir Dalvi
Role: Govardhan Virani
Sudhir Dalvi played the patriarch Govardhan Virani of the Virani family and husband of Amba Virani who is famous as Baa in the serial. He stays with his four children's and daughter-in-law and grand children's in Shantiniketan.
Sudha Shivpuri Sudha Shivpuri
Role: Amba virani
Sudha Shivpuri plays the wife of the late Om Shivpuri. She is know as Baa in the serial and her grand children calls her dadi.
Ketki Dave Ketki Dave
Role:Daksha Virani
Ketaki Dave, best remembered as the ara ra ra-exclaiming Daksha ben in the serial. She played Himmant Virani's wife and mother of Sushasi and Chirag Virani. For a while she was not seen in the serial but now she is back with her Ara ra ra style.
Muni Jha Muni Jha
Role:Jamnadas Virani (JD)
He is son of Govardhan Virani and Amba Virani. He is married to Gayatri and have 2 children Hemant Virani and Sejal.
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