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Star Plus - Lux Perfect Bride Season 1, 2

Perfect Bride is an Indian reality show that airs on STAR Plus. It premiered on September 12, 2009, and follows five bridegrooms as they choose their brides from a panel of eleven potential candidates. It is the Indian version of the American reality TV series Momma's Boys. The winning girl and her choice of partner would win a monetary prize. Hitesh Chauhan and Rumpa Roy won the show on 12 December 2009

Every boy's dream to have a perfect bride and every mothers dream to have the perfect bahu will come alive on STAR Plus. Beginning September 12th 2009 Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm and Saturday & Sunday at 10 pm, viewers will be privy to a 13 week journey of 10 beautiful girls and 5 eligible boys as they come together in search of India's Perfect Bride, along with the boy's mother for company. In an attempt to impress the boys and their mothers, the 10 eligible girls will put their best foot forward through tasks that will get them closer to winning the coveted title while viewers continue to support them with their votes.

The boys are also set to display their grit by undergoing various tasks that will test their physical and emotional abilities to win the Perfect Bride. Keeping a close watch on the participants; relationship experts and mentors Amrita Rao, Shekhar Suman and Mallaika Arora Khan will guide the participants in making key decisions in shortlisting their ideal match, while gorgeous Megha Gupta and handsome Vishal Malhotra anchor the show.

Highlighting one of the most important elements of Indian culture- the arranged marriage, the format of the show allows the participants to get to know each other while shortlisting their perfect bride. The show promises to deliver high drama with an array of emotions; jealousy, intense rivalry, happiness, enthusiasm, and love as the girls find the perfect balance between winning the boy's heart and match his mother's expectations to become India's Perfect Bride. From Mother � Son conflicts and arguments, to competing young girls for the title of Perfect Bride, LUX Perfect Bride promises high drama and emotional peaks and troughs as India makes a unanimous choice.

Amrita Rao Amrita Rao
Role:Amrita Rao
Shekhar Suman Shekhar Suman
Role:Shekhar Suman
Malaika Arora Khan Malaika Arora Khan Role:Malaika Arora Khan

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The purpose of this show is simple: to find the "Perfect bride" and who else but the mother knows about what is best for her son!

10 girls from all over India under one roof…
5 of India's most eligible boys…
All with one main aim- To find their Perfect Match!

It is all about emotions, conflict and of course romance, as each girl tries to win over the boy of her choice while each boy vies for his favourite girl!

But nothing comes easy and there is one BIG TWIST which could change everything- The boys' mothers will stay with the girls to find their perfect bahu and their sons are forced to answer the age-old question.

Amrita Bhattacharya
Gurpreet Kaur Sandhu
Nandita Sharma
Pooja Tandon
Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Varshney
Rumpa Roy
Suchitra Jha
Swati Bajbai
Vrinda Dawda

Gaurav Narang
Hitesh Chauhan
Rajbeer Singh
Vivek Agrawal
Yashdeep Nain


Rumpa Roy was declared the winner of the 1st Season of Lux Perfect Bride. She is the 1st Perfect Bride on Starplus,winning a prize money of Rs 25 Lakhs and the 1st girl to give us a wedding on national TV.

After a lot of drama, in what was a 3 hours lengthy telecast, she was finally declared the winner and then the wedding ceremony between Rumpa and Hitesh was shown.

A brief of today's episode :-

Rakhi Sawant's Drama
The show started with Rakhi's entry and she joked her away into Mummy Mahal and Kunwar Quarters. She asked questions and gave advice to both the grooms and the brides, esp Rajbeer, Priyanka and Rajbeer's mom.She danced with all the eliminated Kanya's and later on showed her jhatka's on the stage too.

She called Amrita Rao a Princess and Shekhar Suman Natkhat Kanhaiya

Rumpa's Win over 3 hours...
Rumpa looked lovely as a bride in a red and green outfit and beautiful gold jewellery. Rumpa and Hitesh met in the Mummy Mahal where their romantic moments were screened. She got a minor shock when Rakhi announced there is a girl outside protesting this marraige due to Hitesh. But it turned out to be cute little Saloni to provide her comedy dose.

She received a 2nd jhatka when Pooja announced that she wants to say something to Rumpa about Hitesh before its too late. But it just turned out to be a drama as we saw her dance performance and later giving her best wishes to the couple, albeit dramatized.

Once in the Gala Stage, she said she deserved to be a perfect bride as she stood with conviction and did wht she wanted to do. Rumpa received good wishes from her city Calcutta and they sent a mukut for Rumpa and Hitesh and a Sari for Rumpa as worn in Bengali wedding traditions. Hitesh's relatives also came and wishes Hitesh and Rumpa well for their upcoming marriage.
Rumpa stated she is very happy with her decision to marry Hitesh and she feels blessed to be going into the Chauhan Family.

After a lot of anticipation, she was declared the winner and exchanged varmala's with Hitesh on the Stage. She also received a cheque for Rs 25 Lakhs, the prize for winning this contest. We saw Rumpa's parents happy with joy and at the same time emotional on their daughter's wedding.

They later moved to the mandap where they performed the wedding rituals and we saw Sudheshrani with a happy and content smile on her face.

Priyanka's journey in these 3 hours...

Priyanka looked a beautiful bride in her light pink lehenga and the nose ring. In the mummy mahal, her and Rajbeer;s romantic moments were shown to all and Rajbeer sang the song ' mere pyaar ki umar ho itni sanam'. On the Gala stage, she said she deserved this title as she has been perfect bride for many weeks and has the sanskaar that a perfect bride, bahu, etc should have.

Rajbeer's dad was conspicuous by his absence and Raj was asked by the judges whether he will marry Priyanka today if she is the Lux Perfect Bride. He again said that if his dad gives a yes and is present here he will marry her immediately. They put him through to his dad on phone who stated that he has not refused Priyanka but does not want them to marry in such a short time. He wants both the families to sit together, get to know eachother and then take such an important decision. Shekhar also tried to reason with him but to no vail.

Raj's mom said that she is with her family as well as with Priyanka who she likes very much. Priyanka said that she has trust in Raj, his mom and above all their love and they will definitely marry.
After Rumpa was declared the Lux Perfect Bride, we did not see the 2 of them during the prize ceremoney or the wedding rituals.

Best wishes...
The couples recieved best wishes from various TV and singing personalities like Shan, Shreya, Ragini and Sadhna of Bidai, Ambar of Sajan ghar jaana hai and many more.

The audience thoughts were also shown with some favouring Rumpa and some Priyanka.

Special Performances...
During this whole show, we saw various performances by television actors...

Naitik and Akshara of Yeh risha dance on 'prem ki naiya' from Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani and praised Priyanka and Rajbeer as their fav couple.
Pooja danced on 'honton pe aisi baat mein chupaati chali aayi'
Saloni provided her comedy relief at regular intervals.
Romit and rumpa dance on 'tenu leke mein jaava ga' from Salam - e- Ishq and were later on joined by the leads of Hamaari devrani for Dhola re from Devdas
Rakhi danced on Aaj ki raat frm Don
Lastly, Malaika danced on 'disco waale khisko' from Dil bole Hadippa and was later joined by Shekhar for Mahive from Kal ho na ho.

This 13 week long journey has finally come to an end with 1 couple winning and uniting in the intituition of Marriage and the other couple awaiting their destiny's call.

Overall a Sasta Sunder and hopefully a tikau wedding for the Roy's and the Chauhans

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