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Star Plus - Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya Season 1, 2

Love stories happen when two people have the same feeling towards each other of liking, desire and passion. But this is a love story of two people who are together for all the wrong reasons. A boy who doesn't understand the meaning of love but desires to acquire whatever he sets a liking for and a girl who is helpless and can save herself and her family by giving into his demands. The story is based in a small town of Allahabad, where the smallest thing happening in one's house is known to everyone. People here lead a very careful life especially women. Man dominating the house, college and society is so common that now nobody is complaining but have accepted it as a part of their lives and try find happiness in the remains.

Same is not the story of Saxena family. Though they have their values and tradition in place but they believe in educating their daughters without any hesitation. Pratigya and Arushi consider themselves lucky to be born in this family. Their father has left no stones unturned to provide his daughters same education as he has provided to his son, despite of relatives and society pressure. They are a closely knit family. Like every other girl Pratigya also goes out for shopping or meeting her friends, unaware that one of the local goon- Krishna has developed liking towards her.

Krishna is an unrefined boy who hangs out with a couple of his friends and loitering around the town being a nuisance. From the day he has seen Pratigya, his day and nights revolved around her existence. Krishna's friends too have started considering Pratigya as their Bhabhi making sure that nobody troubles her. Pratigya doesn't even see eye to eye with Krishna. He doesn't exist for her. She is unaware of the troubles Krishna creates for others if they are unkind or extra nice to her. Krishna with full right makes Pratigya's life his business. His obsession towards Pratigya doesn't take long for Pratigya and her family to realize that there is some guy who is after her. The family decides to get Pratigya married soon and Pratigya also willingly agrees for it. What will happen when Krishna finds out about Pratigya's marriage with someone else?

Arhaan Behll Arhaan Behll
Role:Krishna Singh
He considers him lucky to be born in a family where he has everything and he need not work. With his father�s support and brother�s encouragement, Krishna didn�t pursue studies after class five. He doesn�t regret the same as he feels that he has everything. His mentality towards women is the same as his father and brother. He feels that women are mere objects of pleasure and comfort, as long as you give them food, you can treat them the way you want. He has never seen his mother or his bhabhi object to it, and expects the same from his wife. He feels that he is romantic and nobody can love the way he does. He feels love is only acquiring. He feels that if he loved anyone and got married to her then she should feel grateful and worship him. He feels that the girl is anyways supposed to love the boy she marries, so it doesn�t count whether she loves him before marriage or not. He believes that anything he does for Pratigya, which includes threatening people and sending her love notes, is because he loves her.
Pooja Gor Pooja Gor
Role:Pratigya Saxena Singh
Pratigya is a beautiful, simple girl from Allahabad. She is her father�s pride. She has completed her education in Lucknow and has returned to Allahabad. Having a very traditional value system Pratigya has a lot of respect for elders and is very well mannered. She believes in path of non violence and holds strongly that education is the key to happy life. She is very close to her mother and younger sister Arushi. She is a strong girl who tends to find happiness in every small thing in life.
Parvati Sehgal Parvati Sehgal
Role:Komal Singh Saxena
Anupam Shyam Ojha Anupam Shyam Ojha
Role:Sajjan Singh
Aalika Sheikh Aalika Sheikh
Mohit Malik Mohit Malik
Role:Abhimanyu Singh Yadav
Abhishek Rawat Abhishek Rawat
Asmitaa Sharma Asmitaa Sharma
Krishna's mother
Jaswant Menaria Jaswant Menaria
Role:Shakti Singh
Shakti is Krishna's elder brother. He has the same mentality as his father and feels women are inferior to men. He is very proud to be a Thakur and did not like Krishna marrying a Kayasth girl and respecting and loving her too much. He does not treat his wife, Kesar, well and beats her up, often for no apparent reason. He is afraid that he will have a dark-complexioned child like Kesar and quietly aborts her pregnancies and pretends to his family that she is infertile.
Ankit Gera Ankit Gera
Role:Adarsh Saxena
The eldest child, Adarsh is a very simple and decent boy. He adores his family and never goes against their will. He works in a bank and is happy that he can contribute to the family and lessen his father�s burden. He takes full responsibility of getting his sister married. He is an introvert and hence public display of affection from his side doesn�t come easy. He is very protective about his sisters but always supports them as far as education is concerned. He doesn�t believe in raising his voice or hand. He prefers to be quiet and aloof if something troubles him. Adarsh is an ideal son and a good brother.
Sana Amin Sheikh Sana Amin Sheikh
Sajjan Singh's daasi After Ammaji burnt herself, Sajjan Singh bring Ganga for his take care
Avantika Hundal Avantika Hundal
Role:Aarushi Saxena
The youngest in the family, Aarushi is very romantic. She feels love is a fairy tale. And everything is fair in love. As she is the youngest, the family expects her to the last minute helping hand to complete their work. She treats Pratigya more like a friend than an older sister.
Amita Udgata Amita Udgata
Sajjan's Singh's mother is the eldest member of the Thakur family. She doesn't talk and uses a bell to gain attention. She gets as little respect as the other woman of the Thakur household from the men.
Pratima Kazmi Pratima Kazmi
Role:Guru ma
Sehrish Ali Sehrish Ali
Love interest of Adarsh
Jaideep Suri Jaideep Suri
Krishna's best friends who help Krishna out with his problems
Kunal Madhiwala Kunal Madhiwala
Angad's friend
Kunal Karan Kapoor Kunal Karan Kapoor
Role:Angad Yadav
He is a local goon who does not respect women. Pratigya had slapped him on a public train because of teasing her and that's why he wants to take revenge on Pratigya and also Krishna, who supports and loves Pratigya. He broke Pratigya's engagement by severely injuring fianc�, and kidnapped her and created many troubles for her so that Pratigya blames Krishna for these and hates him and misunderstands his true love. He admitted that he is one of Pratigya's deewana. Now he is set to destroy Pratigya's married life by blackmailing her family. He already has had conflict with Krishna and has fought with him. Fortunately Krishna defeated him. He is then killed by adarsh and Shyam and after mr shyam goes to the police station and tell that he kills angad and goes to jail.pratigya and adarsh are trying to find a lawyer and they dont no that sajjan singh is against taking shyam out of jail and a lawyer did a advice telling that there is one lawyer who can bail him out of jail his name is AMAN MHATHUR and krishna is beating the same lawyer aman mhatur and you can coutinue the show on starplus.
Shahab Khan Shahab Khan
Role:Shyamji Saxena
A professor by profession Shyamji Saxena is looked up to with lot of respect. Everybody in the town knows him for his principles and righteousness. He is proud of the fact that even though they stay in a small town of Allahabad, he has treated his children equally with no discrimination between his son and daughter. He believes that nothing is bigger than education. Even though his relatives and friends discouraged him when its came to educate his daughters by saying things like he will find it hard to get a suitable boys for them etc. He never paid attention to it.
Monika Singh Monika Singh
Role:Naina Saxena
She is an ideal wife and a loving mother. Nainaji Saxsena feels really blessed to be a part of this family. She is a simple housewife who finds pleasure doing the household chores. She gets a smile on everybody�s face even if she�s had a long tiring day of work. She is a perfect daughter-in-law and never objected to her mother in laws harsh words.
Asha Sharma Asha Sharma
Piyush Sachdev Piyush Sachdev
Role:Aman Mathur
Dinesh Soi Dinesh Soi
Angad's friend
Deeya Chopra Deeya Chopra
Vinay Rajput Vinay Rajput
Krishna's best friends who help Krishna out with his problems
Prachee Pathak Prachee Pathak
Role:Kesars mom
Kalpna Bora Kalpna Bora Role:ex Kesar Singh
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