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Star Plus - Navya Season 1, 2

Navya symbolises the new young generation of India. A 19-year old college goer, Navya is an extremely identifiable and average girl-next-door, who is confused about her life like a lot of young India is. Navya naturally balances modernity & traditionalism in her day-to-day life without even consciously thinking about it. Like most youngsters today, Navya has middle class parents, who constantly struggle between being parents and friends to their children.

Her friends enjoy better freedom at home - one of them also has a boyfriend and Navya secretly wishes for one who would do mushy things for her, yet she is happy in her own world. As luck would have it, Navya falls in love with Anant, a boy hailing from a traditional and conservative family. Over time, the story beautifully captures Navya and Anant's journey of love and their trials and tribulations in trying to stay uniquely Indian and yet moving ahead with the times.

Soumya Seth Soumya Seth
Role:Navya Bajpai
19 year old Navya lives in a middle-class family in Mumbai. She is born and brought up in a nuclear family with her banker father, housewife mother, a bratty younger brother and a quick-tongued grandmother. She has a married and pregnant elder sister. Navya is quite traditional in her ways and lifestyle. Navya maintains a distance from boys and finds great comfort in her childhood friends Ritz and Appy. This allows her parents to trust her implicitly, unlike her Dadi who keeps questioning her morals and behaviors. Innocent and sweet, she dreams wistfully of a fairytale romance, especially when Ritz falls in love. However, love comes to her in the most unexpected way as she meets Anant. From the moment she sees him, Navya feels a strange pull towards him. And every incident seems to draw them together, and finally they fall in love.
Shaheer Sheikh Shaheer Sheikh
Role:Anant Bajpai
Anant is a 19-year old college going boy who, on the surface, looks like any other urban college boy of today with the latest clothes, car, and looks like the kind of guy any girl would want to date. But, deep down he is a traditionalist, a conformist who believes in the old-world values of joint families and arranged marriages. Unlike most of the teenagers of today's times, he reveres his grandfather and seems to have been brought up to respect his family�s traditions and to live by the rule book. His life before meeting Navya included following the path chalked out by his family and did not think even for a second that he could fall in love.
Rohit Bharadwaj Rohit Bharadwaj
Role:Mohan Bajpai
Anant's brother. He is scared to ask his father and his grandfather something. Rama doesn't like that. He doesn't wants Shagun to marry Anant.
Shivani Surve Shivani Surve
Role:Nimisha Bajpai
Anant�s cousin. She is chirpy and full of life. Though, this attitude often lands her in trouble at home. She is getting married to Nikhil
Snigdha Pandey Snigdha Pandey
Role:Rama Bajpai
Anant�s sister-in-law. She is from Banaras and Anant's elder brother Mohan's Wife. She tries to get Anant married with her sister.
Gireesh Sahdev Gireesh Sahdev
Role:Deepak Mishra
Navya's father. He is a caring and loving father who is a tad over-protective. He has a set out strict rules for Navya to safeguard her from the bad world outside. His dream for his daughter is to get a college degree followed by a happy married life.
Kshitee Jog Kshitee Jog
Role:Neeta Mishra
Navya�s mother. She is an exemplary housewife and mother. She is talkative, friendly and lovable and her world centres round her husband and children. She firmly believes that women should make compromises if that is required for the larger happiness of the family..
Ankit Kakkar Ankit Kakkar
Navya�s brother in law. He is Renuka''s husband who has extramarital affairs, ignores his family, and enjoys life. He is the father of Renuka''s daughter.
Achal Nagesh Achal Nagesh
Role:Om Prakash Bajpai
Anant�s Father. He is a true traditionalist and runs a publishing house. He has a sharp tongue and is a stern father. He respects and loves his father more than anyone in the world and wants to make him proud and happy in whatever he does.
Meer Ali Meer Ali
Anant's friend. He is Anant's friend. He is very naughty and sometimes get close to Appy.
Gagan Malik Gagan Malik
Vinita Joshi Thakkar Vinita Joshi Thakkar
Role:Ritika Joshi
Navya�s friend. She is Navya childhood friend and shares a great rapport with her. She is chirpy and has an extravagant lifestyle. She likes to experiment and has a creative side to her. Her boyfriend is Ranbir.
Farhina Parvez Farhina Parvez
Navya�s friend. She is also Navya�s childhood friend. Her chirpiness and innocence makes her incredibly lovable. She shares a great bond with Navya. Sometimes she gets close to Anant''s friend Harry.
Rehan Sayed Rehan Sayed
Ritika''s boyfriend and Anant''s friend. He is Anant''s childhood friend .He and Ritika share a great love relationship.
Danica Moadi Danica Moadi
Anant''s sister-in-law''s sister. Anant''s sister-in-law wants her to get married to Anant. She is a small town girl from Banaras.
Shruti Sharma Shruti Sharma
Role:Renuka Mishra
Akshita Rajput Akshita Rajput
Role:Akshita Rajput
Hemaakshi Ujjain Hemaakshi Ujjain
Role:Sugandha Bajpai
Anant�s Mother. She is a conformist and an ideal daughter-in-law. She shoulders all the household responsibilities. She is a loving and caring mother to Anant and the only family member who understands Anant�s ambiguities.
Farukh Saeed Farukh Saeed
Role:Sanjay Bajpai
Anant''s uncle. He is the father of Nimisha. He is not really involved with the family business. He didn''t wanted Nimisha to get engaged so fast.
Chestha Bhagat Chestha Bhagat
Anant�s EX friend. She is madly in love with Anant and is ready to go to any lengths to win his affection. She is bossy, rude and has a lot of attitude. After she tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists after an incidenr involving Anant, she is never seen again.
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