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Star Plus - Prithviraj Chauhan Season 1, 2

Prithviraj Chauhan - Historic Epic Drama Producer - Sagar Films From the makers of the epic Ramayana and the more recent Hatim, after ten years of painstaking research, comes another period drama - Prithviraj Chauhan. Based primarily on Chand Bardai's Prithviraj Rasos, the Sagars present the story of this fascinating character for STAR Plus.

Prithviraj Chauhan is one of the most interesting and powerful characters of Indian history. His name is even today associated with the virtues of Rajput valour, chivalry and patriotism. His bravery on the battlefield was unmatched and he was known to be virtuous and principled until his death. The warrior king as he was popularly known, was in love with his enemy's daughter-Sanyogita. He rode off with her on the day of her swayamvar before the watchful eye of her father.

His story highlights all the important aspects of life-duty, bravery, patriotism, friendship, family and romance. The series will be divided into five phases and will trace the life of Prithviraj right from his birth until his death. The series is set in the 11th century but will introduce a more modern look with respect to the treatment of the costumes, production design and language, while staying true to the original story. It will maintain a fine balance between the authentic and the contemporary. Catch the story of one of India's immortal kings only on STAR Plus!

Anas Rashid Anas Rashid
Role:Prithviraj Chauhan
Prithviraj was renowned to be the sharpest among all the princes in the household. At gurukul , Prithviraj learnt shastra vidya (weaponry, armed combat), sahitya (literature), kala (arts) and rajniti shastra (politics). At the age of 12, he killed Bheemdev Solanki, the king of Gujarat. Prithviraj Chauhan was the second last Hindu king to sit upon the throne of Delhi. His elopement with Samyukta, is a popular romantic tale in India, and is one of the subjects of the Prithviraj Raso, an epic poem composed by Prithviraj's court poet and friend, Chand Bardai.
Sheetal Dabholkar Sheetal Dabholkar
Shahid Hasan Shahid Hasan
Rajat Tokas Rajat Tokas
Role:Prithviraj Chauhan
Prithviraj is born to his parents after 10 years of long prayer. Although he grows to be a very naughty boy, he is the sharpest of all the princes. He often surprises everyone by his profound thoughts on subjects beyond his young age. He loves his parents very much and also respects Jaichand, Nayantra and Anangpal. Everybody in turn, loves him. As a child, he is indeed the Balkrishna, and as he grows up, he reflects the different faces of Lord Krishna-Murlidhar, Chhaliya, Chakradhar. He and his friend Chander share an equation almost like that of Krishna & Sudama. In his youth, he defeats many enemies but always allows room for kshama or forgiveness. This shows that he never fights in anger or for personal gain, but only performs the duty of a king.
Mugdha Chaphekar Mugdha Chaphekar
Sanyogita is the beautiful daughter of the King of Kannauj, Jaichand. She is a pampered and protected girl. Tales of her beauty had spread far. On hearing the tales of Prithviraj's valour and courage, she falls in love with him without even seeing him. Her love for him is so strong that she defies her beloved father's wishes and chooses to run away with him. On the day of her swayamwar, she refuses to choose any of the princes present and instead openly declares her love by garlanding Prithviraj's statute kept at the door by her father. Soon, Prithviraj himself appears and they elope. Their love story was immortalized through songs and poems.
Aarya DharmChand Kumar Aarya DharmChand Kumar
Role:Ugersen & Senapati Kaimaz
Pooja Joshi Pooja Joshi
Angad Bedi Angad Bedi
Role:Ex - Prithviraj Chauhan
Prithvi in childhood even born after 10 years long prayers and all, he allows none of the parents to pamper him. He is gem of a kid. He is vary naughty and sharp among the princess, but along all the naughtiness, every now and then he surprisingly thinks deeply on bigger issues whom a king should think.In short he is BALKRISHNA in his childhood and as he grows up, he reflects all the variations of Lord Krishna; the Murlidhar, the Chhaliya, the Chakradhar etc.
Irfan Hossein Irfan Hossein
Role:Muhammed Ghori
Muhammad Shahab ud-Din Ghori, originally named Mu'izzuddin Muhammad Bin Sam but famously known as Muhammad of Ghor, is an Afghan ruler under the Ghori dynasty. He is also the governor of Ghazni province in modern Afghanistan. Muhammad attacked the north-western regions of the Indian subcontinent many times. The first time he was defeated in the First Battle of Tarain in present-day Haryana, India by Prithviraj Chauhan.
Chinky Jaiswal Chinky Jaiswal
Pratha is sister of Prithvi Raj Chauhan.
Harssh Rajput Harssh Rajput Role:Pundir

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