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Star Plus - Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat Season 1, 2

This is the story of Rani, a young village girl, whose only dream is to make her family proud and happy. She is innocent, shy and a simple girl. Her mother is the bread-earner of the family after Rani's father passed away. Rani has a younger brother and a dadi who are loving. like every other girl of her age, Rani has also woven her dream world where her prince charming would arrive one day and take her to his kingdom. Rani has seen her mother slogging to give them good education and a better life. Rani's uncle, who is eyeing her family's small piece of land. Rani's uncle and the Munshi of the village would have acquired the land easily, only if Rani not been educated, as she goes through every details before she signs any paper related to their land. Seeing all their plans falling apart, uncle and the munshi come up with a more devious plan.
Once, Rajmata visits the village along with the Prince. He falls in love with Rani's voice, when he hears her sing in the temple, but he won't be able to see her. Eventually Rajmata takes Rani with her, on Munshi's request, to be one of the maid in the palace. For Rani life in the city becomes a complete contrast to her village existence. She finds it hard to cope up with the etiquettes and mannerisms of urban living. The servants senior to her take advantage of her ignorance, alienating her emotionally. Rajyabhishek ceremony is being held for the elder son of the Royal Family. Rani is taken aback by the Royal aura of the ceremony and the first glimpse of the young prince during the Rajyabhishek.

In the huge brigade of servants, cooks and personal assistants, the Prince doesn't notice Rani and is not even aware that she exists in his Palace. But Rani starts seeing in the young prince her own prince charming she used to dream about when she was in village. One day, egged on by another maid-friend, she's trying on a princess' costume, when the young Prince sees her and mistakes her to a princess he's going to be engaged to. Rani is scared of the consequences and therefore she runs away. When the prince meets the actual princess, with whom he is set to marry, he realises it isn't the same girl he had seen earlier. He finally realises that he loves Rani. This story is about Rani's journey from nobody to winning the heart of the young prince and her acceptance as the Bahu of the Royal Family, for whom she worked for as a servant.

Apara Mehta Apara Mehta
Role:jhumki bua
Nupur Alankaar Nupur Alankaar
Role:Thumki Bua
Jyostsana Karyekar Jyostsana Karyekar
Anurag Prapanna Anurag Prapanna
Iira Soni Iira Soni
Role:Rajkumari Nandini
Upasana Singh Upasana Singh
Divyajyotee Sharma Divyajyotee Sharma
Pallavi Purohit Pallavi Purohit
Namki is the beautiful young daughter of Jhumki Bua.
Dimple Jhangiani Dimple Jhangiani
Role:Rajkumari Sandhya
Via Roy Choudhury Via Roy Choudhury
Role:Sonia (Imli)
Sonia is a con-girl pretending to be a simpleton named Imli. Since Rani is unable to concieve children, Choti Rani gets Sonia married to Yudhistir. She is found out and kicked out.
Rishika Mihani Rishika Mihani
Ali Mercchant Ali Mercchant
Role:Kunwar Angad
Sunayana Fozdar Sunayana Fozdar
She is the older sister of Yudhishtir. She falls in love with his servant Saksham, and eventually gets married to him
Anjali Abrol Anjali Abrol
Rani is 17 years of age. Shy, not overtly pretty, she is extremely good at her work. She is the best at whatever she does- be it cleaning utensils or cooking. Loving daughter of her poor widow mother, Rani has never been out of the village. Wishes it all changes for her mother & brother & dadi & wants to give them a better life.
Kapil Nirmal Kapil Nirmal
HE belongs to the royal family and believes he's a true prince. His dad believes in all the princely traditions� and wants Yudhishtir to marry a girl from a royal family only. Yudhishtir has not been in love, neither does he want to. He feels marriage is a tradition that must be fulfilled and nothing beyond that. He falls in love with Rani mistaking her to be RajKumari Bhoomi and his life changes.
Siddhartha Siddhartha
Munna is 8 years old. He very naughty dominating. Loves his sister & fights with her all the time. He sometimes acts like he is the eldest male member of the family. City to him is where there are cars and really nice food to eat, but when Rani goes to the city, he doesn't go for all that but only because he misses her.
Mrinal Kulkarni Mrinal Kulkarni
Role:Choti Rani
Choti Rani - Beautiful,intelligent. dislikes Yudhishter & sees him as a threat to get her son�s image up in front of the father. She would keep doing things to promote her son. Prince�s Mom
Kanica Maheshwari Kanica Maheshwari
Plays the role of Bhumi wife of Kunwar Rudra and is a negative character
Amit Dua Amit Dua
Role:Kunwar Rudra
Rudra plays the parallel lead in �Raja Ki Aayegi Barat" called Rudra. The character has both positive and negative shades to him. Being a modern young prince, he has several differences with his father. He blindly follows his mom�s words who plays the main negative character.
Pankaj Dheer Pankaj Dheer
Role:Raja Saheb
Raja Saheb is a father of Kunwar Yudhisthir and Kunwar Rudra.
Maruti Guddi Maruti Guddi
Chachi of rani.
Kushal Punjabi Kushal Punjabi
Neel is enemy of yudi from college time.
Poonam Gulati Poonam Gulati
Amy is girlfriend of neel.
Ali Hassan Ali Hassan
Raj Singh Raj Singh
Saksham lives in palace and works for Raja Saheb of Shishodiya Raj Vansh.. He is a childhood friend of Rajkumar Yudhistir and Rajkumari Niharika. As he grows up he becomes best friend and confidant of Rajkumar Yudhistir. He also developes attraction towards Rajkumari Niharika, who is a widow. They hide their feelings from every one. But badi bahu rani Rajkumari Rani senses this. She helps them unite. Finally Saksham gets married to Rajkumari Niharika and becomes a son in law of Shishodiya Raj Vansh.
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