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Star Plus - Wife Bina Life Season 1, 2

A never seen reality on Indian Television� A breakthrough TV phenomenon where 10 women from a suburban community leave their homes, husbands and children for 2 weeks! 10 husbands brave it out to cope up with housework, homework, wailing children and much much more. We offer you a glimpse into the lives of such 10 men. The women disappear for a period of 2 weeks, on a much-deserved holiday, leaving the men to fend for themselves, their house and their families. While the women are away, the men must juggle all the cooking, cleaning, child rearing and work duties alone (in some cases) while the women enjoy 2 weeks of pampering at a luxury resort. But they are watching every move their husbands make! Any incorrect action & the Game is over for the husbands!   Wife Bina Life promises to bring real drama, hilarity and personal transformations of the most sacred relationship "Marriage". With relationships tested, gender roles reversed and emotions high, what ensues is an intimate video diary of one community and  gives rise to an answer to the question � Can there be a Life without Wife? 
The Parekhs:(winner)
Husband - Abbas Parekh, Wife - Astinder Alina Parekh, Kid – Mahek (7 Years)

Cyrus Sahukar Cyrus Sahukar
Role:Cyrus Sahukar
As a Host

Mini Mathur Mini Mathur
Role:Mini Mathur
As a Host

The show is based on 10 families. The husbands have to take all the responsibilities to run home without their wives. They have to look after their kids also while the wives will go on the luxurious vacation for 6 weeks. The show is judged by the wives. It is located in Pune.
1. The Parekhs:(winner)
Husband - Abbas Parekh, Wife - Astinder Alina Parekh, Kid – Mahek (7 Years)
2. The Munjals:(Eliminated)
Husband - Amit Munjal, Wife - Preeti Munjal, Kids – Tanishka (6 Years)& Priyasha (1.5 Years)
3. The Patils: [2nd Runner Up]
Husband - Arvind Patil, Wife - Sheetal Patil, Kids – Aryan (9 Years) & Samar (5 Years)
4. The Kadams:(Eliminated)http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=4311223326105739803#editor/target=post;postID=4572059247989616730
Husband - Chandrashekhar Kadam, Wife - Rupali Kadam, Kid – Saee (5 Years)
5. The Bhadorias:(Eliminated)
Husband - Manoj Bhadoria, Wife - Vandana Singh, Kid – Pahal (2.5 Years)
6. The Maddipatlas:(Eliminated)
Husband - Pavan Kumar Maddipatla, Wife - Bhargavi Maddipatla, Kids – Nikhil (9 Years) & Nishant (2.5 Years)
7. The Shindes:(Eliminated)
Husband - Prashant Shinde, Wife - Amruta Shinde, Kids – Neil (4 Years) & Paarth (4 Months)
8. The Dattas:[1st Runner Up]
Husband - Rohit Datta, Wife - Ruchika Datta, Kids – Arnav (9 Years) & Aryan (7 Years)
9. The Sahanis:(Eliminated)
Husband - Sanjay Sahani, Wife - Seema Sahani, Kid – Akshat (8 Years)
10. The Athwanis:(Eliminated)
Husband - Vijay Athwani, Wife - Pooja Athwani, Kids – Shashank (13 Years), Vidhi (10 Years) and Dhruv (7 Years)

SEASON 2 is coming soon

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