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Star Plus - Zara Nachke Dikha Season 1, 2, 3, 4

It is a debate that has been ongoing for generations and time immemorial, with strong reactions from both sexes. Boy vs girl � the gender war has plauged us in all walks of life. Be it Bollywood, sports, politics, corporate life or our living rooms � the fight for supremecy is an undying battle. Dividing people from all walks of life and across boundaries, this quest for upmanship has made its way to the dance floor and will be brought alive through STAR Plus' soon to be launched Zara Nach Ke Dikha.


Zara Nach Ke Dikha will air across 40 countries and will be watched by millions of viewers across the globe as it unfolds here in India. Produced by SOL, Zara Nachke Dikha � the ultimate clash of the sexes, promises viewers a high voltage entertainment with a mix of dance, fun, masti, drama and a lot more. With an unprecedented razzmatazz of celebrities fighting it out in the ultimate dance battle of superiority. Zara Nachke Dikha will showcase some of the biggest celebrities who will redefine the gender war through sheer talent and performance in dance. The show is extremely promising and we are hopeful that our audiences will appreciate it like they have done with our other shows.

Nine sensational Masakalis (female participants) and macho Mastkalandars (male participants) are set to bring the dance floor alive with their grooves, in a bid to establish the clear leader between boys and girls. Not to be left behid, are young and budding child prodigies � Sparsh and Ayush who will bring the kid power to the fore. An extremely glamorous and highly talented set of jury members are set to judge the show. The participants will be assessed not only for their dancing talent but will also for their performance based on different theme based dances,  innovative use of props, impromptu challenge facing abilities, strategies to win the battle, team spirit etc. � all related to the demands of each round as the competition progresses. The show will move beyond dance as one of the rounds will have the contestants competing against each other through fun physical games. Ladki VS Ladka... Himmat Hai toh Zara Nachke Dikha

Arshad Warsi Arshad Warsi
Role:Arshad Warsi
As a Judge
Shilpa Shetty Shilpa Shetty
Role:Shilpa Shetty
As a judge
Vaibhavi Merchant Vaibhavi Merchant
Role:Vaibhavi Merchant
As a Judge
Additi Gupta Additi Gupta
Role:Additi Gupta
As a Participant
Kritika Kamra Kritika Kamra
Role:Kritika Kamra
As a Participant
Hazel Crowney Hazel Crowney
Role:Hazel Crowney
As a Participant
Rakhi Sawant Rakhi Sawant
Role:Rakhi Sawant
As a Participant
Shweta Gulati Shweta Gulati
Role:Shweta (Host)
Mukti Mohan Mukti Mohan
Role:Mukti Mohan
As a Participant
Rashmi Desai Sandhu Rashmi Desai Sandhu
Role:Rashmi Desai
As a Participant
Sangeeta Ghosh Sangeeta Ghosh
Role:Sangeeta Ghosh
As a Participant
Sanjeeda Shaikh Sanjeeda Shaikh
Role:Sanjeeda Shaikh
As a Participant
Sparsh Khanchandani Sparsh Khanchandani
Role:Sparsh Khanchandani
As a Participant
Aamir Ali Malik Aamir Ali Malik
Role:Aamir Ali Malik
As a Participant
Abhishek Avasthi Abhishek Avasthi
Role:Abhishek Avasthi
As a Participant
Angad Hasija Angad Hasija
Role:Angad Hasija
As a Participant
Karan Kundra Karan Kundra
Role:Karan Kundra
As a Participant
Kapil Nirmal Kapil Nirmal
Role:Kapil Nirmal
As a Participant
Aksshat Raj Saluja Aksshat Raj Saluja
Role:Asksshat Seluja
As a Participant
Sushant Singh Rajput Sushant Singh Rajput
Role:Sushant Rajput
As a Participant
Siddhesh Pai Siddhesh Pai
Role:Siddhesh Pai
As a Participant
Ayush Khedekar Ayush Khedekar
Role:Ayush Khedekar
As a Participant
Mohit Sehgal Mohit Sehgal
Role:Mohit Sehgal
As a Host
Sanaya Irani Sanaya Irani
Role:Sanaya Irani
As a Host
SeasonNo. of
No. of
Season Premiere DateSeason Finale DateWinnersRunner ups
1 – 20081611July 14, 2008September 28, 2008Meethi Churi (Girls Team)Tez Talwar (Boys Team)
2 - 20101811May 1, 2010July 10, 2010Massakalli (Girls Team)Winners of 50'000 lac rupeesMast Kalandar (Boys Team)

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