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Zee TV - Buddha

"Believing in Yourself is Not a Religion...  It's a Way of Life!" If a man who walked the earth in the year 500 BCE had the vision to say something that remains so relevant in the year 2013, it is no wonder, then, that he is counted amongst the most important personalities to have been born in the recorded history of Nepal - Buddha!
We have all read about Buddha at one point or the other. Yet, so much remains to be explored about this powerful, magnetic thought leader who woke up to the 'Ultimate Truth' under the Bodhi Tree. For instance, did you know that it was Prince Siddharth who pioneered elephant warfare in his time? Do any of us even know what he was like, as a child? What were the influences that shaped his thinking as a youth? We know the leader and his school of thought, but little do we know about the beautiful person within.  

Presenting Siddhartha's illustrious journey of being born in the lap of luxury as a prince to his growing years to denouncing his throne and living the life of an ascetic to attaining 'The Awakening' is Zee TV's next historical magnum opus 'Buddha' produced by Spice Studios.

Kabir Bedi Kabir Bedi
Role:Asit Muni
Sage and Guru Asit is a sage and was the Kul Guru of Sihahanu, father of king Suddhodana and was the teacher of the Suddhodana when he was a child. He is highly respected by King Suddhodana. Asit renounces the world and lives a life of recluse in the Himalaya's meditating and has developed various siddhi powers. On learning of Siddhartha's birth through his yogic powers, he immediately goes to King Suddhodana palace and asks to see the child and declares the new born will be the King of Kings.
Nigaar Z. Khan Nigaar Z. Khan
Paternal Aunt to Siddhartha Wife of Dronodana and mother of Devdutt; She is a princess of Koliya and was hopeful that King Suddhodana will marry her; but Suddhodana marries Mahanama and as a result she has to marry Dronodana. She is a cunning and vicious woman and these traits she ingrains in her son Devdutt.
Sameer Dharmadhikari Sameer Dharmadhikari
Role:King Shuddhodhana
Father of Siddhartha / Buddha King Suddhodana, who is of Shakyan caste, is a righteous king who rules over Kapilavastu. As a young prince he excelled in warfare and swordsmanship. He is an ideal husband and a loving father, a simple and honest person, living for his family and for the people of his kingdom. He is able, just and righteous and has always been yearning for a son since marriage, and when he is blessed with a son, he is worried for his son's welfare as he is destined to leave the house and lead a life of a sanyasi. Buddha visits Kapilavastu to give his last discourse to his dying father. On hearing the Dhamma, King Suddhodana attained Arahanthship (a perfected one who has attained nirvana). The Buddha is about forty years old at the time of His father's death.
Amit Behl Amit Behl
Role:Guru Vachaspati
Gungun Uprari Gungun Uprari
Role:Queen Prajapati
Preeti Gandwani Preeti Gandwani
Role:Mahaprajapati Gautami
She is younger sister of Mahadevi Mahamaya and younger queen of King Shuddhodhana.. She is both maternal aunt and step mother of Gautama Buddha..she raised Sidhartha after Mahamaya passed away.. she was first bhikkhuni
Siddharth Vasudev
Deepika Upadhyay
Role:Mahadevi Mahamaya
Queen My of Sakya (Mydev) was the birth mother of Gautama Buddha, the sage on whose teachings Buddhism was founded, and the sister of Mahpajpati Goutami, the first Buddhist nun ordained by the Buddha.. In Buddhist tradition Maya died soon after the birth of Buddha, generally said to be seven days afterwards, and came to life again in a Buddhist heaven, a pattern that is said to be followed in the births of all Buddhas.[1] Thus Maya did not raise her son who was instead raised by his maternal aunt Mahapajapati Gotami Maya would, however, on occasion descend from Heaven to give advice to her son.

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