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Zee TV - Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi

Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi is the story of an average 14 year old girl Ami.  The show celebrates 'averagism' in the protagonist who is neither the most beautiful girl nor the most intelligent one like most of the protagonists on TV today. She is an average and relatable character. Ami's world came crashing when she lost her father. He was everything to her. He was her friend, her teacher; he was the man who encouraged her to explore her strengths, man who accepted her with all her flaws. Ami dealt with her tears but couldn't deal with the change around her. Her imperfect tender self was caught between her childlike activities and expectations from the society. Her mother Shruti was forced to take up the dual responsibility of both mother and father.

Manav Gohil Manav Gohil
He is playing a main protagonist opposite Gautami(Shruti). His character name is Sanjay and is Shruti''s good friend.
Gautami Kapoor Gautami Kapoor
Role:Ami's mother Shruti
Shruti, Ami's mother is a woman full of life, enthusiasm, wanting to do a lot for the family and bring up her children in the best possible manner. Harsh, her husband was her soul mate from the time they met till he died in an accident. However, Shruti's life went totally reverse the moment Harsh died. She from being a homemaker became everything for the family- Sole breadwinner, sole decision maker, mother and father to daughters, daughter in law as well as son to her mother in law.
Vinay Jain Vinay Jain
Role:Harsh(Ami's father)
In the show Harsh is shown as dead. Vinay will be seen playing the challenging role of an AIDS patient.
Ulka Gupta Ulka Gupta
Ami, the elder daughter of Shruti, is a 14 year old girl- not a certain beauty but has a charm that comes out of smartness. Her father's death has caused a huge vacuum in her life. Her father was the only man in the family, more of a friend than a father, her support system, one who understood her better than anyone else. So when he passed away in an accident and mother had to take up extensive work to sustain the family, Ami really didn't have a parent to communicate with her, to be with her, to understand her new needs and to explain changing world around her. Films are her weakness and Ranbeer Kapoor is her soul.
Farida Dadi Farida Dadi
Role:Baa (Ami's Grandmother)
Farida dadi is playing a role of Baa in show. She is Ami''s grandmother. Her son passed away due to AIDS. she is staying with her daughter in law (Shruti). she is very supportive to her family.
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