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Udann Cast

For those who learn to overcome their fears, freedom beckons. Bringing alive this emotion of freedom, COLORS launches Udann - the tale of Chakor, a free-spirited young girl whose existence is pawned by her helpless and poverty-stricken desperate family when in her mother's womb, as collateral for money. Through Udann, COLORS brings a heart-warming story addressing the social issue of bonded labour, widely prevalent in the world even in the 21st century. Udann marks the journey of 7-year-old Chakor as she rises like a phoenix towards her dreams to showcase a mind without fear.

Spandan Chaturvedi
Sai Deodhar Sai Deodhar
Rajiv Kumar Rajiv Kumar
Sai Ballal Sai Ballal
Role:Kamalnarayan Singh
Prachee Pathak Prachee Pathak
Role:Rajnandini Singh
Suhasini Mulay Suhasini Mulay
Role:Shakuntala Singh
Sandeep Baswana Sandeep Baswana
Role:Ishwar Rawat
Tasheen Shah Tasheen Shah
Yash Mistry Yash Mistry
Role:Aditya Rawat
Dolphin Dwivedi Dolphin Dwivedi
Role:Aabha Ishwar Rawat
Darshan Gurjar Darshan Gurjar
Role:Suraj Rajvanshi
Ginny Virdi Ginny Virdi
Role:Ranjana Rajvanshi
Moni Raj Moni Raj
Role:Manohar Rajvanshi
Prakash Ramchandani Prakash Ramchandani
Vineet Raina Vineet Raina Role:Arjun Khanna

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