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Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath Cast

Hum Ne Li Hai� Shapath in a new avatar as it welcomes fearless ACP Pratap - played by Milind Gunaji. The show is the story of cops - ACP Pratap, Inspector Samrat, Inspector Kavi and Inspector Shaurya - a brave new generation that has resolved to deliver their oath of safety and peace for its citizens even in the most difficult and risky situations. 

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Aman Yatan Verma Aman Yatan Verma
Role:ACP Diler

Karishma Modi Chandhoke Karishma Modi Chandhoke

Sarwar Ahuja Sarwar Ahuja
Role:Senior Inspector Shaurya
Collegue of the other two Senior Inspectors and a new Senior Inspector. He is the son of Abhigyan's lost love Suhasini but he is unknown of it.

Aamir Dalvi Aamir Dalvi
Role:Senior Inspector Kavi
He was a gangster but after that his girlfriend influenced him to become a police officer.Then he became a new officer in Crime Branch after the bomb blast when half of the officers of the investigation team died.He speaks Tapori language and is a funny character.He is called the king of disguises.

Mala Salariya Mala Salariya

Pankaj B Singh

Iris Maiti

Divyaalakshmi Divyaalakshmi
She is Kavi's girlfriend.

Vibhuti Sharma
Grand-daughter of Jogi Man''s victim. Studied in Mumbai. Met Mayank during the Jogi Man''s case(where her family was killed). Later on developed feelings for Mayank and is in a relationship with Mayank.

Om Puri Om Puri
Role:ACP Vishwanath
Head of Anti-Terrorist Squad

Tanushree Dutta Tanushree Dutta
Bar dancer

Kapil Arya
Sub-Inspector in Mumbai Crime Branch.

Meer Ali Meer Ali
Sub-Inspector in Mumbai Crime Branch. Talks in a different accent like Kavi. Tries to be very much friendly with Aabha.

Amit Pachori
Senior-Inspector in Mumbai Crime Branch. A flirt by nature.

Dhananjay Mandrekar
Sub-Inspector in Mumbai Crime Branch. Later died in a terror blast along with ACP Karanveer and some other officers. (Character Dead)

Kanishka Garg
Sub-Inspector in Mumbai Crime Branch. (Character Terminated)

Sapna Thakur
Sub-Inspector in Mumbai Crime Branch. (Character Terminated)

Piyush Sahdev Piyush Sahdev
Role:Senior Inspector Abhigyan
Son of a rich Businessman who loved Suhasini but she left him and is a good friend of Gautam and also his collegue along with Shaurya.He lost his eyes in a bomb blast.

Prinal Oberoi Prinal Oberoi
Bar dancer

Kashmira Shah Kashmira Shah
Role:Chief Bureau Officer Maya - Ex

Anupam Shyam Ojha Anupam Shyam Ojha
Role:Bhai Saheb Ex

Pooja Pihal Pooja Pihal

Rucha Gujrathi Rucha Gujrathi

Preeti Amin Preeti Amin
Ali Mercchant Ali Mercchant Role:Ajay/Anuj

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