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Maharakshak Devi Cast

Devi is the story of the most powerful girl in the world who is unaware of her extraordinary powers. She has spent the first 17 years of her life away from human civilization. Devi's extraordinary journey starts when she becomes a part of human civilization and battles contemporary evils. Evils that are seemingly contemporary, but have taken multiple forms since generations. Evil (Asuras) have been present across centuries and exist in today's times in modern contemporary avatar. Devi is the force that will vanquish these asuras. Umang Jain will be seen portraying the role of 'Devi' and Rohit Bakshi will play the role of Devi's mentor. Indraneil Sengupta, who is making a comeback to television will be seen as 'Shukracharaya'. 

Umang Jain Umang Jain
Gauri is a divine child chosen for the important role of the protector of earth against the powerful demons that Shukracharya has unleashed using his sanjeevani vidya. Gauri as Devi, is the ruthless warrior who enjoys her role as a 'Maharakshak'. She looks forward to the confrontations with all the demons. She is the embodiment of all the different forms of devi she is a warrior, a mother, an intelligent beauty. She decimates her opponents in full force without any mercy like goddess Kali. When the time is right she manifests the right weapons to destroy her opponents.
Rohit Bakshi Rohit Bakshi
Brihaspati is the advisor to the gods and is known for his wit and integrity. He knew that when the curse on the gods would come in play, he had to place Devi to protect the earth and Swargalok. As her Guru, he her personally trained her in the isolation of the Rann of Kutch to take on the might of Shukracharya and his demons but when their hideaway was traced by Shukracharya he helped Gauri escape. Before she can reach the city he has already placed his 'Ansh' in the form of Professor Dr. Jayant in Mumbai and guides Gauri through her near impossible war against the colossal forces of evil.
Indraneil Sengupta Indraneil Sengupta
Shukracharya is guru of asuras and was a great and was once a wise Rishi. Shukracharya, apart from being an expert in all things mystical, is an astute politician and a great tactician. What set him apart from his dim witted Asur brethren is his total devotion to Asur kind and his resolve to make the Asur nation the greatest of them all and wants Asurs to rule the three worlds. Shukracharya was also expert in astrology and Sanjeevani Vidya (the science to bring back the dead).
Nikita Sharma Nikita Sharma
Devika is a positive character opposite Shukracharya played by Indraneil Sengupta. Initially Devika is working in Shukracharya's company as an influential and powerful reporter. Eventually, the two fall in love and Shukrachrya asks Devika to find who Devi is. This is how the story will begin.
Varun Kapoor Varun Kapoor
Ankit Gera Ankit Gera Role:Bhasma

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