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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins Cast

With their new offering 'Nisha Aur Uske Cousins', Star Plus is bringing a relatable story of young India while showcasing the hitherto unexplored bond between Cousins; a relationship that forms the crux of everyone's growing up years. Cousins are your blood relations but at the same time they are the friends you keep forever, the ones you share your childhood memories and growing up angst with. It is this very relationship that will be highlighted in the show. Targeted to the youth, the show also effectively captures the differences of opinion and friction caused by the generation gap between the elders of the family and the youngsters, especially when it comes to topics like careers, relationships, lifestyle and fashion choices. 

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Aneri Vajani Aneri Vajani
Role:Nisha Gangwal
V.M. Badola V.M. Badola
Role:Nimi Chand Gangwal (Dadaji)
Veena Mehta Veena Mehta
Role:Saroj Gangwal (Dadi)
Vivek Mushran Vivek Mushran
Role:Ramesh Gangwal
Nisha's father
Pubali Sanyal Pubali Sanyal
Role:Laxmi Gangwal
Nisha's mother
Taher Shabbir
Role:Viraj Singh Rathore
Mishkat Varma Mishkat Varma
Anjuman Saxena
Role:Vimla Gangwal
Moshin Khan Moshin Khan
Role:Ritesh Jain
Parv Kaila Parv Kaila
Role:Suketu Gangwal
Purvi Mundana
Jayant Rawal Jayant Rawal
Role:Virendra Gangwal
Tuhinaa Vohra Tuhinaa Vohra
Role: Gayatri Chauhan
Jagat Rawat Jagat Rawat
Role:Johan Gangwal
Priya Singh Priya Singh
Role:Amanpreet Gangwal
Nikunj Padaya Nikunj Padaya
Role:Bunty Gangwal
Tarun Singh Tarun Singh
Meherzan Mazda Meherzan Mazda
Role:Umesh Gangwal
Heli Daruwala Heli Daruwala
Role:Kirti Gangwal
Barbie Jain
Role:Jwala Gangwal
Vibhu K Raghave Vibhu K Raghave
Role:Saurav Jain
Sonia Shah Sonia Shah
Role:Rupan Gangwal
Charu Vyas Charu Vyas
Role:Priyanka Chauhan
Amit Sareen Amit Sareen Role:Coach Shekhar

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