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Sadda Haq Cast

Sadda Haq, is about the importance of women in a man's world. Women are still often relegated to being homemakers and child bearers and that's a wrong which needs to be corrected.

Sadda Haq, is set in an engineering college in Mumbai - the first of a kind for a TV show - where boys rule the roost and girls are few and far between. In our society most of the talk about equality happens on the surface and for more grave issues, chauvinism raises its ugly head. And that's the challenge Sanyukta faces when she gets her admission in the engineering college and faces prejudices in every step.

It's not easy for her at home as well, as Sanyukta's family is very conservative and representative of the patriarchal society we continue to live in. Only her self-belief and her brilliance will see her through as Sanyukta demands her rights in Sadda Haq.

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Krip Suri Krip Suri
Role:Professor Vardhan
Param Singh Param Singh
Role:Randhir Shekhawat
Harshita Gaur Harshita Gaur
Role:Sanyukta Agarwal
Ankit Gupta Ankit Gupta
Role:Parth Kashyap
Nisha Neha Nayak Nisha Neha Nayak
Role:Vidushi Kumar
Mohit Chauhan Mohit Chauhan
Role:Mr. Agarwal
Sejal Shah
Role:Mrs. Anju Agarwal
Sanyukta's mother
Prince Dua Prince Dua
Role:YoYo Sher Singh /Khuswant Singh
Chirag Desai Chirag Desai
Role:Jignesh Patel/ Jiggy
Gauchi Homring Gauchi Homring
Role:Kaustuki Sherpa
Swati Taldar Swati Taldar
Role:Maya Raichand
Harsh Vasishta Harsh Vasishta
Role:Mr. Shekawat
Randhir's father
Aaradhna Uppal Aaradhna Uppal
Role:Renuka Saniyal
Randhir's mother
Manik Talwar
Role:Sahil Kataria
Zohaib Siddique Zohaib Siddique Role:Kabir

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