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Sasural Simar Ka Cast

Sasural Simar Ka' is the journey of an ordinary young small town girl, Simar, who has grown up with strong middle class values. Her life takes a sharp turn when her passion for dancing clashes with the conservative values of the middle class. She starts chasing her dream with support from her husband, but without letting anyone else in the family know. This hide and seek creates many challenging and interesting situations which are dealt with in a light hearted way.

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Dipika Samson Dipika Samson
�Simar� the protagonist of Sasural Simar Ka is an attractive, religious, full of values and ambitious girl from Vrindavan. Dance is her passion. She loves her father a lot yet is scared of him. Being the eldest sister in the family, accepting responsibility comes naturally to her. Her relationship with her bua and younger sister is that of best friends.

Avika Gor Avika Gor
She portrays the character of Simar�s younger sister. She is a TV buff and has the keys to all unopened gossip of TV industry and mimics the TV artists. She is a cleanliness freak who keeps everything in order. Her style of speaking is greatly influenced by television and she taunts her mother and sister on trivial matters regularly.

Dheeraj Dhoopar Dheeraj Dhoopar

Falaq Naaz Falaq Naaz

Jyotsna Chandola Jyotsna Chandola

Manish Raisinghan Manish Raisinghan

Nishigandha Wad Nishigandha Wad
Role:Prem's Mother

Viisshal Viisshal

Priyamvada Kant Priyamvada Kant

Ssumier S Pasricha Ssumier S Pasricha
Sujata's & Rajendar's second eldest son and Pari's husband

Jaya Ojha Jaya Ojha
Role:Meena Jamna Lal Dwivedi

Jayati Bhatia Jayati Bhatia
Role:Nirmala Bhardwaj
She heads the family, is a stickler but fun loving and has grey shades.

Snehal Sahay Snehal Sahay
Role:Prem;s Bhabhi

Rakshit Wahi Rakshit Wahi
Role:Gautam Jamna Lal Dwivedi

Pankaj Dheer Pankaj Dheer
Role:Jamna lal Dwivedi
Jamna lal Dwivedi a short tempered disciplinarian, autocratic father of Simar

Himani Shivpuri Himani Shivpuri
Role:Rajjo Bua
Rajjo Bua, who is a great support to Simar and balances the power in the house.

Abhishek Sharma Abhishek Sharma
Role:Sankalp Bhardwaj

Adarsh Gautam Adarsh Gautam
Role:Rajendar Bharadwaj

Shweta Sinha Shweta Sinha

Ashiesh Roy Ashiesh Roy
Role:Suryendar Bharadwaj

Jitendra Trehan Jitendra Trehan

Janvi Vora
Role:Karuna Suryendar Bharadwaj

Sahil Anand Sahil Anand
Role:ex Shailender

Shoaib Ibrahim Shoaib Ibrahim
Role:Ex - Prem
He is the love intrest of Simar

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