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Satrangi Sasural Cast

Satrangi Sasural is about the celebration of love, Life and Marriage. It is the story of the love and marriage between Vihaan and Aarushi. Vihaan has seven mothers doting after him - Dadi Maa, Tai Maa, Chachi Maa, Maa (biological mother), Bua Maa, Maasi Maa, Mini Maa (younger bua). Despite being the centre of their universe Vihaan isn't spoilt or pampered but instead is nurtured to grow into a mature, loving, sensitive individual. Vihaan meets Aarushi, a kind, gentle and pure soul, and falls in love with her thinking she will please the varied expectation all seven mothers have from their to-be daughter-in-law in a bid to find the perfect match for their son. Will Aarushi accept the challenge of marrying into a family with seven mothers-in-laws? Will she be able to break through the tough exterior and not only live up to each of their expectations but also establish a loving bond with them? Satrangi Sasural explores the journey of Vihaan and Aarushi and their bond within the universe of seven mothers (in-laws) 

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Mugdha Chaphekar Mugdha Chaphekar
Aarushi works in a bank and earns a meagre salary. She is from a poor family which consists of her Father, Step - Mother, Grandfather, a brother and a little sister. Aarushi is the sole bread winner in her family and is a hardworking, simple, sweet, kind and generous girl. She always prioritizes her family's needs before hers. Hers is a dysfunctional family where the father and brother are spoilt and indulge more in their drinking and gambling than supporting the family with finances. Both support their habits with Aarushi's hard earned money. Aarushi and her mother, Kasturi, stitch their clothes copying popular designs or recycle old objects to put together decorative items for the house. Although, they barely manage to struggle along financially, yet Aarushi remains optimstic and cheerful no matter what.

Ravish Desai Ravish Desai
Role:Vihaan Vatsal
Vihaan spearheads the family business of Indian textiles and handicrafts - a brand called Vatsala which wasbBegun by Dadi Maaa and is headed by him currently with help from Maasi Maa and overlooked by Dadi Maa. He is a caring, loving, kind and compassionate Mumma's boy. Although Vihaan is pampered by his sever mothers, he is not spoilt or pampered but is very gentle and understanding. His confidante is his driver Manohar (fondly referred to as Saarthi). He is the centre of the universe for his seven mothers each of whom he adores equally. Vihaan is the only male member in a household of seven mothers. The eight members of the family all get along well with each other and it's a happy functional family, in a very realistic space.

Farida Jalal Farida Jalal
Role:Dadi Maa
She single-handedly founded the family business. She is a widow but a firm and emotionally stable individual. Dadi Ma is a strong woman and a figure of authority in the family. She is very upright and does come across as a bit ruthless. She is the perfect Matriarchal figure of the family.

Sonali Sachdeva Sonali Sachdeva
Role:Narmada Vatsal
Narmada is the Biological Mother of Vihaan and the Second Daughter-in-Law of Dadi Maa.

Sadiya Siddiqui Sadiya Siddiqui
Role:Bua Maa
She is Vihaan's Bua and Dadi Maa's only daughter.

Resham Seth Resham Seth
Role:Mini Maa
She is the Seventh Mother of Vihaan.

Ritu Raj Singh Ritu Raj Singh
Role:Vihaan's Father

Samta Sagar Samta Sagar
Role:Tai Maa
She is the oldest daughter-in-law of Dadi Maa. She comes from a Bengali family and is a widow. She dresses very simply and cries at the drop of a hat as she is very emotional. Tai Maa is not an outright comic character but comedy comes out via her equation with the other mothers or her over emotional reaction to things.

Sheetal Thakkar Sheetal Thakkar
Role:Masi Maa
She is Vihaan's Masi and Sister of Narmada.

Bhavana Balsawer Bhavana Balsawer
Role:Chachi Maa
She is the youngest daughter-in-law of Dadi Maa and hails from a Punjabi family. Her husband left her to become a Sanyasi who is alive yet missing. Chachi Maa is full of life and a bit forgetful by nature. Her actions lead to many comical situations.

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