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The story revolves around four sisters, Alka, Anushka, Devyani and Peeya who hail from Kanpur, and are migrating to a new city. The show talks about their nostalgia with everything they left behind and their late mother, the changes in their lives post the shift and how they adjust to it all. 

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Pragati Chourasiya Pragati Chourasiya
Role:Peeya Shastri

Sonal Vengurlekar Sonal Vengurlekar
Role:Devyani Shastri

Neha Pednekar
Role:Alka Shastri

Ishita Ganguly
Role:Anushka Shastri

Sumit Bharadwaj
Role:Neil Sareen
Minty''s youngest son who loves Devyani.

Vijendra Kumeria Vijendra Kumeria
Role:Rajat Sareen
Minty's eldest son who falls in love with Anushka.

Sujay Reu Sujay Reu
Alka''s husband

Prithvi Zutshi Prithvi Zutshi

Rajesh Jais Rajesh Jais
Role:Narayan Shastri

Neelu Kohli Neelu Kohli
Role:Minty Sareen

Girish Sahdev Girish Sahdev
Role:Mr. Sareen
Minty''s husband

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