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The world seems to have progressed a lot in terms of technology and views but some old rituals like 'Dowry' are still prevalent in northern India. However, it has taken a new shape. People have now realized that dowry not only traps them legal complications but also the girls who come with huge dowry are known to carry a heavy baggage of tantrums. So, a new wave is taking shape in the form dowry whereby, prospective grooms are opting for a working woman as a wife. A working daughter-in-law is beneficial as it means legalized dowry for the in-laws for the rest of their lives.

This is the story of Payal who gets trapped as "Service Wali Bahu". Our story deals with the highs-lows, trials-tribulations and the journey of Payal caught in this ride as "Service Wali Bahu".

Abhishek Rawat Abhishek Rawat
Role:Dev Prasad
Simple, sweet, innocent, native guy. He is very low on confidence and falls short of words when it comes to expressing. He loves Payal a lot but fails to express the same.

Kratika Sengar Kratika Sengar
Payal is a strong, confident, today''s girl with sharp presence of mind and is currently working for PWD department in Vaishal District of Bihar.Payalis an ideal daughter and sister and has always made her parents proud with her achievements. Payal is a role model for her younger sister Neelam.Payalbeing exposed to modern society and education has a clear vision about her prince charming and his family with whom she will want to spend her life.

Atul Srivastava Atul Srivastava
Role:Jogeshwar Prasad
A greedy, selfish and money minded guy , he is Dev''s Father who is Extremely manipulative, he plans the lifetime dowry by ensuring he bring home a Service Wali Bahu.

Pratichi Mishra Pratichi Mishra
Role:Dev's Mother
She is Dev''s Mother and wants a Service Wali Bahu for her son

Neeraj Sood Neeraj Sood
Role:Payal's Mama
He plays Payal''s Mama in the show

Meena Mir Meena Mir
Role:Payal's Mother
She is Payal''s mother who is very much supportive of her daughter .

Vineet Kumar Singh Vineet Kumar Singh
Role:Ayodhya Prasad
He is the eldest son of Jogeshwar Prasad. He is the head of the house and takes all the decisions. He was the master mind along with Jogeshwar behind Dev and Payal''s marriage.

Ramakanth Daayama
Role:Bhuvneshwar Rai
A happy go lucky person, he is Payal's Father who is very open minded and shares a great bond with Payal. Having ensured that he educates both his daughters, Bhuvneshwar Rai is very proud of both his daughters. 2. Akshara Singh as Dev's Sister - She is the youngest daughter of Jogeshwar Prasad

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